bullied lost and loved

one day they was a beautiful young girl called scarlet. she was so loved that all her friends called her the queen of essex. scarlet lived in essex all her life.just after her mum died things began to change for scarlet alot.



scarlet and her dad drove to the train stop. the train didnt come until half an hour later so scarlet and her dad went to macdonalds to get something to eat.  they went to get a burger,chips and a drink. after they had eatern they rushed back  to the train stop. and there was the train so scarlet and her dad got on the train. scarlet asked the the train inductor how long it would take to go to leeds.  and he said it will take up to two hours to get to leeds. my heart started thumping and scarlet thought to herself im wasteing to hours of my life just to go to leeds where she didnt even want to go. scarlet couldnt even text her mates to say that she was ok and that she was moveing to leeds. scarlet hates leeds as she had been there before and she hated it. when scarlet went to leeds she said it gived her nightmares. scarlet sat on the train and this girl called jessica made scarlet a beautiful picture of her. scarlet felt so loved for the frist time in her life.scarlet said thankyou and she had to get off the train because the train had gone into leeds.  scarlet got off the train and she thought to herself this is nothing like essex. scarlet looked at leeds and said this is a right trampy place can we go back home but her dad just said NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!. and her dad saidyou also carnt go back home because A. im working at macdonalds here, b. me and your new mother megan are starting a new life here and c. you have a new school here so you need to get used to it.

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