bullied lost and loved

one day they was a beautiful young girl called scarlet. she was so loved that all her friends called her the queen of essex. scarlet lived in essex all her life.just after her mum died things began to change for scarlet alot.



scarlet is know at her new house she doesnt like the new house because she has the smallest room in the house.scarlet dad sheldon told scarlet that syhe would spend a full learning day at school tommorow.scarlet thought to herself yess but i havent even been to go and have a look around and know im going to school tommorow thats scary.scarlet didnt wanna see the new school as she hated beening the new girl and new girls always have center of attention which she hated.scarlet didnt wanna go to school tommorow as she kept thinking about her mum and the fat that shes dead. and she also thought about how her dad pretradead her dead mum.before she went to sleep he would pray for her mum to come home and walk thought the door but after she prayed she would go to bed.whist scarlet was sleeping her dad would come in her room and he would kiss her on her head.in the morning scarlet got up,had her breakfast,and then she would wait in the car for her dad to come.her dad finally came.the school was only across the road from scarlets dads house. as she entered the school. and as she enterded the school they was a lot of people looking and staring at her. everyone laughed at her for wearing a summer dress its was so wierd everyone thought she got her clothes from the charity shop. scarlet replied i didnt get my clothes from the charity shop i got them from the most exspensive shop in ESSEX thankyou very much. and one girl shouted out  i swear i saw those in the charity shop the other day everyone started laughing. at breaktime everyone played in the playground whist scarlet just sat in the classroom having extra lessons on science. and at luchtime they all of her class always would tell her that she should go back essex where she came from.

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