bullied lost and loved

one day they was a beautiful young girl called scarlet. she was so loved that all her friends called her the queen of essex. scarlet lived in essex all her life.just after her mum died things began to change for scarlet alot.


4. life and death

scarlet hated being a punch bag to people at school she couldnt take it anymore so after school she ran home and her dad and step mum was out to  a fancey dress party so scarlet said to herself i hate my life and i hate being in leeds i wish i could die but then she had an idea she went into her dads and step mums room and got some tablets. she took all the tablets then she went down staires and got a knife and a rope. she ran up to her bedrbedroom and she started tto slit her wrist and she was in so much pain that she quickly tied the rope to her dangleing light and she tied her rope round her neck and she stood on a chair and she  jumped  off the chair  and in a matter of seconds she was dead her face turned blue.  and her lips turned purple. just 20  minuites before she died she thought about her mum because she miiseed her that much.and 5 minuites after she died her dad and her step mum megan came home came back and her dad came into her room and her dad shouted her step mum megan and  scarlets dad sheldon was in so much shock  that he stared crying andd he said  his self this is all my fault we should have never moved to leeds. scarlets step mum rang the ambulance and the ambulance and aand took her away but the ambulance couldnt do anything to help her so then the docters just coverd her up. and they said to scarlets dad im really sorry but we couldnt save her save her and his dads was in pieces.


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