bullied lost and loved

one day they was a beautiful young girl called scarlet. she was so loved that all her friends called her the queen of essex. scarlet lived in essex all her life.just after her mum died things began to change for scarlet alot.


5. conclusion the reasons and heart breaks

the reason why scarlet hanged herself was because she felt so alone. her dad was intreasted in his new girlfriend.she could talk to her friends because she didnt have any friends because all the ones in leeds  would just bully her. she couldnt speak to any of her family as she was to ashamed to tell everyone that she was being bullied. how could you live with yourself knowing that you lead a poor person to there deaf just over being bullied its not fair. how would you feel if you got bullied. if you know anyone thats getting dont  stand there do something about it before it to late because you have a choice on wheather you tell a someone or not you have a choice but poor scarlet didn have a choice please dont suffer bullying tell some before you do something that scarlet did.

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