bullied lost and loved

one day they was a beautiful young girl called scarlet. she was so loved that all her friends called her the queen of essex. scarlet lived in essex all her life.just after her mum died things began to change for scarlet alot.



one a sunny morning scarlet woke up after a great day at iceskating with the girls. scarlet walked down stairs to find her dad  kissing her mums bestfriend. scarlet was so shocked she kept thinking was mum being cheated on before or after her mum died. it was such a shock for scarlet.

scarlet went round to izzys house and she explained everything what had happend and izzy was so shocked too. izzy said OMG so your mum has just died so your dad just goes withs your mums bestfriend thats horrible scarlet are you ok. izzy said shall we watch a film to get our minds of things for a while. but all scarlet could think about was her mum and the fact that she was dead. after the film izzy mum who is very nice dropped me off home. as  scarlet walked up the drive in the car her and her dads stuff was in the car. scarlet asked why all her stuff was in the car and all her dad had to say was we are moveing to leeds for a fresh start. scarlet didnt want to move to leeds as she hears that it is a horrible place to be. because they have litter all over the place. her dad just said to scarlet just forget all about essex just start a new life but how could she start a new life when her life was here she didnt want a new life she loved her life and her friends.  

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