The One I Lost

For those that had their feelings and emotions toyed with. Please feel free to comment :) all feedback is appreciated :)


1. The One I Lost

The one I lost


To risk it all on the one you love

Is to throw your heart like a dove


In my heart I knew she'd say yes

She played with my feelings like it were chess


Me the king, her my queen,

A life lived like it were a dream


I gave and she took

Too blind to see her rook


The fatal blow was struck

My love deceived me like puck


You were more than a friend

Was it just for pretend?


I see now that I was just a pawn

You left me broken and withdrawn


Black and white was our bond

Now I feel empty and seemingly conned


You left me with nothing

Your candor was touching


Now I move on broken

A lesson all I have as a token

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