Alisa's story- Amity

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11. My night trip Alone.

I made my way to my cabin bed and was about to lay down when I remember my new glasses that Abbie had bought for me were still on. I placed them next to my family portrait, it was taken when Dad was still around- Dad's hair was sticking out in mad tufts and was looking down at his spitting image, Timothy. Mother was holding my hand and I had my thumb in my mouth, my head was on Timothy's fluffy blonde hair and his arm was clutching mine. Mother and Dad were grinning with a set of pure white teeth, they were shuffled so close I was afraid they might merge and he had his arm wrapped lazily around her slender shoulders. The picture had been ripped- it had been that way since I'd gotten it but now the glass was cracked.

Pain and anger stirred inside me and I switched my feelings to blame. This was all Jens fault! She was probably trying to impress someone and had knocked it over. I tried to calm myself, shutting my eyes to see the memories fly past my eyes like a roll of pictures. I staggered to my bed after setting the portrait back up.

Unfortunately Abbie had already seen my act and sat next to me on the bed. I cursed myself, I must have stuffed too much into today, I must have gone to fast. I went so fast I broke... that's it- I don't miss them one bit. Not one bit.

Abby forces the story out of me. She comes up with how I'll see them soon and I point out how wrong she is. I finish with "They don't love me. I don't blame them." Stupid Alisa. Feelings are for the weak I pull on my hair and open my eyes in a flash, diving under the covers. Abby dismisses herself and I stare at the wall as the lights go out. I know I'm not sleeping tonight. I'll have another nightmare.

I hear Abby leave, probably for the toilet- from what I've experienced that girl has the smallest bladder. Jen snores loudly and I take it that she's asleep. Emma's hand is draped lazily over the edge of the top bunk and as I push it. She stirs and I leap into the shadows of the room. Panic strikes me as I see the gleam of Jen's eye.

I stare at her for about 10 minutes, blinking quickly. Her pupil doesn't move and from what I've gathered she doesn't blink. The snoring has stopped though, I am hopeful that she's just sleeping with her eyes open and if she isn't... I've got a few skills that would make her sleep forever.

I pad across the hallways, my feet make a light sucking sound at my bare feet hit the ground so I leap in short bursts of momentum and though it would be awkward for anyone to try it themselves I land somewhat gracefully. I slowly make my way to the odd man with the bare feet curious to whats under his covering. (That's what she said) Shut up Author.

By the time I reach the vast library of elaborate poems and large bond books I realize something different in the air-

Someone else's breathing.

It takes me a moment to figure what to do in this situation, although it would be much smarter to turn around now and go back to my dorm I have a sort of... instinct within me that tells me there's something dangerous, something I shouldn't be willing to turn back to.

And with this sickening feeling I take several steps into the room, I see the culprit of these bursts of Co2. Alone is sitting in a squatting position his hands on his forward like he could be awake. I prod him on the shoulder waiting for the odd reaction that was sure to follow but after a soft whistle of his lips being puckered he seemed back to sleep.

At least it was safe, just to be sure I ripped tendrils of fabric from my nightgown and used them to bind his feet and hands, they weren't exactly reinforced rope but they'd hold until he woke up and struggled. I should be able to pause my operation for then.

I turned toward the vast clothed bulk directly opposite Alone and myself. I tip-toed up to it and tugged at the black cloth with nervousness, I noticed that it felt like silk because of how soft it was but it's looks certainly deceived it.In a small burst of adrenaline practically ripped the cloth off the form. The shadow-like fabric whipped across my small form and covered my face and torso, I felt like I was whipped from my feet in a swift motion and I fell uncoordinated toward the oak flooring.

Strong arms leaped out from within the darkness and cupped my waist, the fingers curling into me in a protective way, pulling me into a sort of embrace before I hit the ground. I stared into his deep, deep, pit-like eyes and my heart did that weird flutter thing again as I closed my eyes and Alone's cold, soft lips met my own.

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