Alisa's story- Amity

Long awaited but please do love it or you are a bunch of nazi zombie who eat babies, smiley face.


6. My new best friend has no name.


Chapter 6:

I headed off to lunch, with great difficulty I might add as the rough sweater scratched my skin every step I took. I made my way into a place in line and picked up various cakes, fruits and bread pieces. Then I sat in the far corner, away from everything else and tried to settle my stomach from butterflies.

I knew it was just play- having anything to do with boys was forbidden now because of my choice of not picking Erudite I had to punish myself and die alone. But there was something special about this boy; Derren was always smiling and entertaining but serious and caring. It made me think he was perfect but that, of course, was impossible. Also it gave me time to think of Abby, she had come across really friendly and/or interesting when I first met her. I thought I would hate her now because of her popularity but I was promising myself a lot of stuff now-a-days because of the impending boredom and quite possible doom. So I had made a promise to be her friend as she was the first person to show real potential to be someone I might not murder, which is always a good sign.

I failed to notice the small body lean against me and whisper “Out of it, are we?” It would have been something that I would rehearse in my head before saying it but for this girl (a sweet singing voice like a butterfly’s wing flutter) it came with a fluency that English didn’t come to me in. I jumped slightly and turned in my seat to see the mouse of a child staring into my face. It was the black girl from before, her white hair flowing down her shoulder in tumbles of unbelievable length.

The tiny lady let off a small giggle that was more twisted than cute, “Why does everyone look at me like that?” I could see her large eyes shine like she was holding back a tear or two.

I straightened myself before answering in a low pitch; “It is because of your colour, your hair and your size. You have brown skin yet white hair and your hair is long despite your small frame.” I finished but noticed I was breathing deeply, I had never admitted to someone why people had not liked them before and it made me nervous but perhaps this was because I hadn’t really talked to anyone.

Again her eerie laugh broke though my ear drums this was met with her adoring yet sarcastic chatter of “don’t you think in this “crisis” we shouldn’t be focusing on racism. Or size for that matter.” She stood and clasped my hand sweetly. “I’m bored. Shall we go play?” I found myself wondering what faction she was from for fun but I couldn’t make sense of the high vocabulary and the yet warming and playful demeanour. I gripped her hand, letting go a smile. The dress I had changed into swirled around my ankles as I moved to stand by her side.

“May I ask you name?” I asked. Then in a burst of hopefulness voiced “Or your faction?” I expected her to either be confessing or mean but she just pressed her thin index finger to the middle of her lips.

“Neither is important, don’t you agree? Life is terribly short from such tedious games!” Her energy was light-hearted; yet depression was pressed onto everything she did like a horrible burn or scar. “All you need to know is that I hope we become great friends.” She wisped though the dining room with startling grace and, as if in a trance, I followed in her wake. I guess I had made a friend, if a friend would be a girl who refuses to tell any of her past and eagerly pushes you to the point of uncomfortable or unexplainable happiness then yes, my friend is a very good friend indeed.

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