Alisa's story- Amity

Long awaited but please do love it or you are a bunch of nazi zombie who eat babies, smiley face.


2. Messing with perfect


Chapter 2:

I awoke to Diamond dangling a dagger inches from my heart. I moved to sit up but it cut into my breast deeply and the pain was more intense than I would have guessed. “Divergent!” he spat out the word and left it in the air dripping like poison.

“Divergent?” I asked shuffling backward to escape the knife but I guess it didn’t matter, he was dauntless and if he wanted to kill me I would be dead already.

“A person with more than one faction that they belong to- the very dirt of this society. You were honest with a man you didn’t know; you were compassionate and loving toward the relationships and characters in the simulation. You were daring and twisted the simulation to your own will. You planned out situations and were able to read people personalities almost instantly. And helped people within the simulation and threw yourself in front of the little girl to save her life. Some call you perfect- I call you scum and stupid!” Diamond positioned himself so that he was on top on me and leaning over me with the knife. Now that I got a very close look at him I could tell what age he was- 5 years older than me and just that. I stared into his eyes but inside there was, unfortunately determination and sometime else-

“Scared are we?” I asked, pushing the hair out of my face with a cocky smirk. He looked slightly flabbergasted but just lent down on the knife pushing it into my chest further. “I understand, if they found a dead girl and they asked you why you done it and if you said she couldn’t test right they would think you were crazy. Even though I can’t find anything wrong with that statement” I added the last part under my breath but he still heard it all the while and turned his head in confusion. I let out a small steady breath and flailed for the metal blade, I caught the edge of the hilt and it flew across the room. I scrambled for it and grasped it firmly. Just as I had a hold of it I swung behind me and the point nearly met with Diamond’s knees. I stood up confidently and shoved him toward the computer at knife point. “Type Erudite into my box and I’ll be on my way.” I had grown fond of this man and hoped to meet him again, but some people were just a bit too- insane.

After he typed it in successfully I led him to the middle of the room and slip the knife into one of my many skirts. I looked at him in his big, brown, kind eyes and told him to keep quiet. As I turned and heard wind run the length of his body; so met his punch with a grab and twisted his arm, restraining the other. “I’d encourage you to not mess with perfect,” I said though gritted teeth as I left with a small strut.

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