Alisa's story- Amity

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4. Introducing the characters I'm going to torture.


Chapter: 4

When I awoke a young adult was bending over me. Her black hair fell down past her face and was pulled into a loose ponytail. “Oh, thank goodness you’re awake!” A smile of relief spread across her face, I noticed her dimples instantly. I sat up looking into her face for any judgement, I knew what I had done and it was horrible, I knew that no one would want to talk to me after seeing that but I grew up in Erudite and I was smart, even if that smartness meant I had to act dumb.

“What ever happened?” I asked in a confused way my eyes searching for an answer in hers. She let me off the nurse’s bed and looked down at me with a concerned yet playful way.

“You really can’t remember,” she chuckled but I could see her eyebrow rise as if she was actually questioning me. She was from either Erudite or Dauntless, the latter probably, explaining her hair colour. Or course, I didn’t bring this up and if I did it would make a very hard hole to get out of afterwards. I shook my head, making sure my lips were in a straight line. She defiantly had not been in Candor or she would have detected my lie and in this case, she didn’t. She shrugged he shoulder and walked toward the door, “probably best not to know, darlin’.” Dauntless, I concluded.

She tried to start a conversation with me while we walked to the welcome hall but I only answered with straight, short lines even though my faction’s tongue sometimes caused me to expand on my point I was basically silent. I did find out though that she was out mentor and would be supervising us until we were full Amity citizens. Oh, and her name was Hailey. What was interesting was that not a lot of people had chosen Amity, which was weird since most of the people who switched factions would choose Amity as they thought it was easy to get in. But apparently there was a test as the end that led most to insanity. It was safe to say I was way past that. This year most had chosen Erudite or Candor, this meant that either people were getting smarter or there was something suspicious going on. There were only 5 more to leave for the factionless, to be eliminated, a strange voice whispered sharply into my ear. I brought my hand up to head and pressed my nails into my skull so much that when I took my hand away my fingers were little blots of crimson. I hid it from Hailey, a smile kindling on my face.

When we reached it I was taken aback, the large room was glittering glass and forestry everywhere. The bushes and flowers lines the huge garden and in the middle stood a beautiful centrepiece, a tall entangled tree with roots twisted into each other and high braches with fresh leaves. I couldn’t help but think of it in the winter with the wood spare of greenery, creating a dark and gothic paradise. The students gazed in awe at the overhanging tree. I took advantage of that and slipped into the back of the crowd of 17.

The next few minutes were a boring whirl of explanation from Hailey which only included the things she had told me, plus the history of the tree and I had decided that there was no point in learning if you were just going to end up unable to remember your own name, which I was fearing I was on the verge of. Even though I might not have wanted to I picked up that we would be training on the weekdays and then could do anything we wanted with the weekends. Not that I had anything to do in the first place.

But what intrigued me was when she asked for questions. “How long have you been here?” or “How many are going to be cut?” were all uninteresting- until she told a lie. “What faction were you from?” asked a tall girl with curling blonde hair. “Just boring old Candor!” Hailey answered brushing the question away with clear haste, for most people that would be a sign for everyone to take her word for it and never talk about it again even though I knew she was lying in all aspects. But not for the girl in front of me who was looked quite average but her personality was something to pick up on, she shouted quickly, “you’re not in Candor! Can you tell us your real faction?” Her chestnut hair brushed the middle of her spine as she yelled. She was visibly quivering but as she turned nervously I saw a gleam of confidence in her eye.

Hailey was taken aback but muttered to the crowd of children that this girl was right and she was from... Well she didn’t finish the sentence but since I already knew I wasn’t as interested as everyone else seemed to be.

We were brought up the cobble path to just under the humongous tree. Everyone started to converse and meet each other, I looked over at the girl who I had taken an interest in earlier and was met with an unpleasant surprise. She was standing next to a rather dodgy looking dauntless girl and a familiar looking erudite boy both who seemed intent on gaining her attention, with the red haired girl speaking coolly to her and the boy falling for her. Not that I was that good at seeing people’s emotions but he was grabbing a hold of her hand and curving into her body the way couples usually do. They were having fun, I analysed. 

Hailey started calling to people again; obviously annoyed no one was paying very much attention to her after she got into the deep history of the tree. “Right, let’s get going. Better see your cabins now, shall we?” She led on with us in her wake; she looked much happier now that she had the group trailing her.

Hailey pulled me back for a second staring at me with high concern in her eyes, like I was her child or something.”Make friends and keep your nose out of trouble,” she pinched my nose childishly and I pulled my hand up, blushing. “Cute.” Hailey ushered me into a room were 3 other girls were giggling and frolicking, I coward into the darkness; leaving myself only slightly visible. I observed them like a predator and came to a slightly unfortunate verdict. Although the girl who I came to learn was Abby was sharing our dorm I also found that her depressing best friend, Jen was also there as well as an unsure and soon-to-be annoying Abnegation Emma. I guessed that this dorm was going to be a place where sleeping was the only option but I wanted to find out more Abby as she was the most bearable and I’m guessing, interesting. As I was planning this in my head, she approached me with a smiling face.

“You are Alisa, correct?” I wanted to ask her how she came to know my name but decided against it as I heard Hailey’s words in my head again; Make friends and keep your nose out of trouble. She bowed her head politely. Am I really that intimidating?

“Nice to have you as an acquaintance, may I ask of your second name, Abby?” I replied. I could sense Jen’s eyes bearing into my skin, judging me no doubt but with something else- jealousy? Was she seriously jealous of me because Abby was talking to me? Abby’s head seemed to turn in a way that could only be described as confusion; I stifled a laugh at the thought. I know everyone here wasn’t as smart as people back in Erudite but even the hooligans could understand what I just said.

“Abigail Teigan Reclove, what about you?” her words were a bit slurry but I ignored that.

“Alisa Clove Ellie Helthwith,” I answered polity but something was telling me she was still not sure of me. I outstretched my hand in a-some-what warming gesture. I was set on proving to them that I knew exactly how to talk to people and had a friend or two back in my old faction but the cold truth was I hadn’t had anyone to class as a friend; maybe that was one of the reasons I picked this faction. The voice in my head whispered excuses and I wasn’t disagreeing.

I turned to the other girl Emma with simple grey clothing; she had light brown hair that was held in two braids that were neatly placed on her small chest. “I understand you’ll be sharing the cabin with us,” I bowed my head sweetly and smiled uncomfortably, no one would notice of course because the only one who could tell my emotions was- is Timothy.

I heard whispering from behind me and I didn’t have to turn to recognise the low-pitch voice of the slightly masculine Jen who sniggered under her breath about me. I heard ‘posh’ and knew they were talking about me but not what they were saying. Sometimes that was the worst.

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