Alisa's story- Amity

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8. If they're closer it's going to be harder to kill me...


Chapter 8

I can’t remember how long we stayed near the bookcases, sitting against them in laughing but I was enjoying myself for the first time in, I suspected, ever. I never had friends and now I had three- No name, Derren and finally and probably most importantly, Alone. He was always smiling and whenever ours eyes locked my heart fluttered beneath my chest. Even though that isn’t really possible because hearts aren’t like wings, but it they were, mine was taking off.

Hailey appeared at the door “Come on. Back to the Lunch Hall,” I looked back to where Alone had once sat to see that he was hiding behind to object, gesturing for me to leave and giving me a thumb up. I brushed my shirt down and sauntered over to where Hailey was perched.

“Hello,” I waved in a short salute; Hailey laughed and put a hand on my shoulder. I wondered why she was so friendly to me yet treated everyone else as equals; I wanted to conclude it to be that I was the first child of the group she had met but I couldn’t believe that. I decided to let my mind drift off and nearly missed what Hailey was saying.

“Why were you there by your own?” she questioned me. I rubbed the back of my hair which was parted because of the drills I had put up (drills: ponytails that are in a whipping curl all the way down).

“I like to read...” I said lamely and she saw right through me but I guess didn’t ask. I turned my head so I looked into her eyes the same deep blue mine were, she looked into me now and smiled lovingly and touched my nose.

It all happened to suddenly, I was crumpled on the floor head between my knees, then I was wrapped around Hailey like my life depended on it. Tears rolled down my cheeks, wailing like a baby. “Lieyah! Lieyah, you’re here!” thoughts rushed into my head repeatedly like punches, each one showing a blonde girl with those eyes and pale skin, each one showing her touching my nose. Then one where she choose Amity and mother told me to never, ever think of that betrayer again- and that if I turned out to be like that she would rip my throat out...

Lieyah squeezed me tightly in a hug and we both fell to our knees crying and laughing. “I miss you so much,” she whispered though her tears. I nodded into her blonde hair and we stayed there, balling until we heard someone in the corridor.


She led me to the cafeteria where Abby was being dragged to her chair, I wanted to know why but Lieyah told me before I could investigate. “The bread made her awaken a certain side of her...” she trailed off leaving a deafening silence in the air. Lieyah pushed my back and beckoned me into the hall. I batted my eyes, looking for someone I knew- I couldn’t see No Name and Alone was probably still in the poem room... I spotted Derren but I still wondered if he was mad at me for not speaking to him.

Holding my head up high I sat down next to him and gently nudged his shoulder as I did so. He turned to look at me but when he noticed it was me went back to eating what was with this huffy side of him? Urgh. I thought this but really he was angry at me for taking a rather unimportant tantrum at him. “Hey,” I voiced loudly and put a shaking hand on his shoulder and leaning in closer “Um, I’m sorry for acting so bratty back there.”

He faced me and as he did I realized how close we were because we were basically centimetres apart. My mind was an unsteady blur for a few seconds, my vision parting and my breath quick. I wanted to turn away and to laugh and to act like it never even happened but and he shuffled on his seat closer I remembered earlier in that day when I had met him- I might not have thought of it back then but in this moment I could think of nothing but how much affection he had shown me. I leaned upwards and shut my eyes close enough so it would seem like I had closed them and he sealed the distance between us. It was like a burst of sweetness, my head my swimming and it took me a while to recognise that his lips were on mine. He pressed himself closer to me so my chest was on his. Every time we parted for air I longed for him again and when the ringing in my ears finally stopped and I heard Lieyah calling me I pulled away and left and kiss on his cheek before bonding away- it seems I’ve been setting new high scores for happiness.

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