Alisa's story- Amity

Long awaited but please do love it or you are a bunch of nazi zombie who eat babies, smiley face.


10. I wish perverts would all be kicked in the crotch!

Abby called for Lieyah brightly but Albert came instead, twisting his hand over and over like a nervous girl. I stifled a laugh which I was having to do a lot recently. Abby hugged him and his hands lingered on her even after that. He told us we had to get back and Lieyah had some work to do so she left him in charge. We followed him to the counter, the man at the till looked quite handsome with his glasses perched at the tip of his nose. His eyes looked me up and down. I thought of Derren and shook my head at him. 

The handsome man asked us to come behind the counter so I jumped over while Abby merrily walked around it. The boys closed there open mouths, I sighed to myself. I shouldn't have shown off because then I'll just get more attention and not all that will be good- I don't want to be hurt again... the man identified the tags on Abby's outfit and punched them into the machine to his left. Then it was my turn.

I stood straight and figured open were the tags were myself. One was brushing up against my hip and the other one was jammed between my shoulder blades. The laughing Abby and Albert were held up in conversation and to busy to notice what was happening to me. The smiley devil of a man, traced my frame and pushed his hands round to my chest. I wanted to scream and jump up and hurt him but I didn't want to draw any attention to myself unless people started to hate me. Finally he found the tags but didn't punch them in and ripped them off whispering about some kind of special discount, his tongue flickering near my skin. 

I left like Abby and walked around the counter and tried not to see the disappointed look of Albert. I smile warmly at him for a second before the man declared the prices. Alert grinned and handed over the money. "That was cheap." Abby whispered into my ear like the man had, it took everything in me not to shove my foot into her stomach. I nodded queerly and then cocked my head to her, my eyes glassy, vacant and clearly uninterested.

"I think he liked you, he might have taken off the price of your ensemble," I then looked at my feet, the halls here were all golden and clean, not a single chip was missing. I felt like I was walking down yellow brick road, in the distance I heard people singing and playing guitar. Abby started to hum to the beat and Albert whistled too- to myself I sang under my breath and-*it felt good- along those lines*   

When we finally came back to the dorms with Albert we were all talking happily, well I didn't want Albert to be there because this was suppose to be a time for me and Abby to bond but I looked past that for a second. Albert left as soon as we got near the girl's dorm; Probably in fear of being invited inside. While he left I noticed a lingering shadow in front of our dorm. 

Jen approached Abby with a smile spread across her face. “Your clothes are absolutely gorgeous! You’re so lucky, we had to buy the same outfits,” she pulled Abby close so they cradled each other’s hands. Jen was totally drawn to Abby, I tried to slip her a glare but she wasn't sparing any time and kept drinking in Abby's face over and over again.

Abby twirled her hair and said “Alisa picked it out for me.” She pulled her hand out towards me to Jen's eyes flickered my way. I smiled politely and she put on an uncomfortable look. She bowed slightly in thanks but was totally contempt to speak to me. I nodded, I didn't like her either- I was satisfied to know the feeling was mutual.


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