Alisa's story- Amity

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7. I like Alone and Alone likes me.


Chapter 7

We wondered around the faction, finding various things such as shops and garden but finally settled in the library which I told the girl that it was my favourite place back at my old faction which was greeted with a nod. “I never had a library at my old faction,” she smiled lopsidedly. “We didn’t even have books there,” she gave in a huge breath that inflated her completely. I wondered what kind of faction doesn’t have a library or books for that matter but I couldn’t ask her that as she wouldn’t tell me considering she didn’t even want to tell me her real name.

“Why don’t you tell me your name?” I said in a slight tiresome wisp and waved my hand like a conductor might do. I turned my head to her side, my scalp rolling on the back of a large and dusty floral patterned couch that rose from the ground like it came from the floor. Blending mahogany and sweet smells from ancient pages filled my nostrils and I nearly groaned in happiness.

I heard a slight hiccup from under the girls lightning hair, I bent my back to see under her wall of white. I could see a puddle of salty tears below her, on her lap that was caressed with a tartan pink dress a damp patch that followed to her curved brown eyes. They had seemed friendly or twisted when I had first met her but now they showed vulnerability.

“Because... because I don’t want to lie to you!” she shook her head violently and fled from the chair. I stood and race toward her but she ran fast for such a small girl and athletics wasn’t exactly my strong point. I got tired easily and decided to find out where I had run to.

I looked for a nearby sign but nothing was that apparent. I took a gander at the large circular room. It had bookshelves aligned against the wall, of course not fully as they needed rooms for the doors. The floor was a light wood which I couldn’t identify but the thing that most stuck odd was the large object next to the far corner. It was covered in a white cover which gave no idea to the shape on it, I found this peculiar because it looked weird in all aspects and I couldn’t pinpoint anything that it might be.

Also, there were no people around, only the books and the large the cover draped object and I. Kicked the air in front of me, crouching into a ball shape and letting a few tears roll down my face. I hated crying but I soon figured out I had no idea what I was going to do- the worst part of that was that I couldn’t get out of anything and this made everything harder to make out. Then I decided to read a book so ran my fingers across each of the spines until I came to a fairly warm one and opened it to the front page, sitting down against the bookshelf it had come from. At the first chapter it had a poem written for the first few pages. I read it to myself and then read it aloud to get the feeling of it on my tongue to check if I really like it. The words were confusing but I still loved them. I stared to sing them in a closed melody:

“Stars and Planet aligned in dark space,

Only me in this place

I like alone and alone likes me,

 And so forever we will be

I can’t stress the amount of times,

I’ve fiddled with unkempt rhymes-

That never want to end

My friend,

I could tell you of a million words,

Or fish or mammals or birds

But you wouldn’t care to listen to me.

That is why I like alone and alone likes me.


“Forever we will be,” sounded another mysterious voice. I startlingly glanced over at the boy who stood over me. “I love that line.” A smirk played his lips like a harp.

I hastily stood up and put the book back, trying to avoid his gaze. I walked towards the door but he stopped me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. I thought your singing was lovely.” This made me want to leave more, I didn’t want him to embarrass me even more but I was interested in the poem and something was annoying me.

“Why does he mention space in the first line?” I asked slowly, aware that it was a ponder able yet incredibly stupid. He smiled from behind ebony strands of hair, his feet padded towards me which I found questionable because he didn’t wear either shoes or socks. I also noticed that on his crisp white shirt there was a badge saying “Hello, my name is: Alone”

“I also pondered such a thing, the reason that I have come to believe is because even though planets are not alone in the universe which is sure true, it is that no planet or star really communicates in a real way, such as the writer himself.” I didn’t fully understand but he was intriguing himself. I pointed up toward the large, towering object.

“Alone” I called “what is that?” I couldn’t help but ask and he probably knew more about this room than I did, that was for sure. Another smirk appeared on his face, this one... different in some way, cockier.

“That,” he reached up and placed a warm finger on my lips “is a secret, my lady.”

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