Alisa's story- Amity

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9. Gushing over Jen's 'intelligence'


Chapter 9

Lieyah gathered me and Abby to a separate corner of the room while everyone was rushed from their seats. My head was still cloudy but for every second that past I everything was becoming clearer. Abby looked frantically around, her hair fanning out as she did so. Finally stopping at me she gave a warm but slightly worried smile, I was guessing that she was missing her friends but I tried not to think about that, this- whatever it was- was probably my only chance to become close to Abby. Lieyah led us down an unfamiliar corridor and Abby, who was fumbling with her thumbs, opened her mouth and left it agape until she swallowed loudly as if coming to an epiphany. 

“Alisa! Are you divergent?” Abby quickened though the sentence and then paused to stare at me. I felt a monster stir inside of me, and my teeth were bared and gritted together loudly. That was the monster inside of me and no one was to know- no one! I should just kill her now... no. I must make this friendship work; I can’t do anything so drastically- even if she knows the monster that I am.

“How did you know that?” I tried to keep my voice down but I knew I was screaming. My face felt hot and even though I knew I could not, I wanted to jump at her and rip her neck to shreds. Anyone who knew what I was could tell others and then they would all know what a terrible... thing I am. I sadly resulted to begging and pleading her. She nodded and we went on to corridor. Right now I didn’t want to be her friend anymore.

“What are we doing anyway?” I asked Lieyah, clasping my hands behind my back. She shuffled to a stop and spun slowly around to us and opened her arms in a flourish.

“You young ladies are going shopping!”

So that is what we ended up doing, surfing though the windows together. The clothes were so much different from the boring clothes of the other factions. These were pink and orange and yellow and red, I felt like a child looking out at a rainbow! However, first off we had to buy our normal outfits- I stared at them next to Abby, in awe we looked at each other then diverted eyes. I needed to ask her...

“Are you...” I stopped, I can’t say monster “Divergent?” Frantically I looked for her expression. She stared down at the floor, obviously she didn’t know but I knew she thought she was- now I knew why she asked me about my identity.

She mumbled about how the serum had turned her divergent but she wasn’t fully divergent, I smiled to myself- she was so stupid but I just had to go with it. Playing around with a worried voice and a playfully girl look I stared up toward her and pleaded with her even adding ‘don’t tell any intelligent being’ so she could tell Jen if she really wanted.

After we had that fixed we inspected our uniform, starting from the bottom and making our way up, inspecting red and yellow flat shoes each with their own glitter of extra piece of fabric. I tried to find boots but no such luck, it turns out that I don’t walk as the other people in this world so I have to find special boots. I tried for something with straps to hold my foot in place and just as I went to looking again Abby tapped my shoulder.

“These okay?” she asked and held out a pair of blindingly yellow heeled ankle boots. I didn’t like the colour and wasn’t so excited for the heel either but I had to show friendship to this girl as I had a feeling that not only I could use she sometime in the future but we were also going to be spending a lot of time together as group shopping was banned for us. I gracefully put them on at said they were perfect.

She turned and smiled at me saying that we should pick each other’s clothes, I smiled back in turn. I couldn’t believe that I might actually be enjoying myself but I was, I had never done anything like this before so I ran to the points of the store that weren’t shoes and grabbed each sweet thing I lay my eyes on, giggling as I went. Soon Abby called for me and se handed me a tight slide on shirt that was mustard yellow but had twisted red vines stencilled onto it, there was a hanging red and yellow stripped belt and red leggings. I admit it was hard to breathe in but at least it wasn’t spandex.

I came out of the dressing room and gave her the clothes I had picked out for her. They were a black and yellow chequered and baggy top with patched red trousers. In a way we were opposites but when she came out we gushed over each other with grins on our faces. I felt something burn inside me that told me not to lose control and I felt like sinking back into the shadows once again but her laugh was keeping me standing there looking and my stick-to-skin clothes while she talked to me quickly.

She finished with “you are my best friend.” I don’t know why that meant more to me than when No name said it but inside I felt the fire dim down, the one telling me to go and for the first time I felt like I wanted to stay here, with her just for a little longer- just to laugh and smile for a bit more. I felt at home.

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