Alisa's story- Amity

Long awaited but please do love it or you are a bunch of nazi zombie who eat babies, smiley face.


1. Before I met her.


Alisa’s Point of View.

I woke to my little brother shaking my shoulders. I opened one eye to look at his ruffled blonde hair that looked like he hadn’t brushed in weeks and then, realising what day it was, opened my eyes in an almost possessed way. Timothy stepped back, letting go of my shoulders as I flung myself into a sitting position then brought my legs to my chest. I cocked my head to the side and smiled, closing my eyes so Timothy didn’t see the fear in them. “I- I don’t think I can do this Timothy,” I sighed opening my eyes again and pressing my knees to my temples. I felt the weight shift as Timothy climbed on my bed with me and rolled down the covers. I raised my head in a confused way to see him behind my legs. I opened my legs and he shuffled forward so his face was inches away from mine. I saw his small features in clear detail; he was half the age of me- 8- and looked half the size of me. His delicate fingertips grazed my face as he wiped the stray hairs from my forehead.

He spoke maturely; “My sister is the best and she will never do any bad, I believe that- and I also believe,” he paused “that she will do me and mummy proud with whatever she chooses.”

Tears welled up in my eyes, I refused to cry so I put my head on his and cried slightly “I know I’m not suppose to tell you this but, I love you and mummy and I won’t ever, ever leave you guys.”

“Sissy,” his voice sounded strained as if he was about to cry but I pulled my head away and tilted his up with my thumb, then I put my finger to his lips while fat tears burst from his midnight blue eyes. He didn’t raise a hand to remove them, even after I encased him in a hug to calm him down. When I asked him why he answered- “These tears are sacred as they remind me of my sister’s loyalty to this family, one that Daddy didn’t have.”

Our father had left us when the president of Erudite had asked for him to cut all ties and work with her. He explained to us before he left that he didn’t want us to go after him and he never wanted to see us again- some caring parent.

Timothy jumped off the bed and glided to the door- I knew he was going to end up in Amity for he showed so much compassion to others and he was always so cheerful, even his tears were deliberate and sweet. My mother opened the door and I saw Timothy farther down the corridor.

I looked in her face to see a peaceful look as she unveiled a black dress, I wore a lopsided smile as she held the dress out to me, “Go on,” she beckoned, “try the damn thing on.” I turned the corners of my lips up in determination. I unbuttoned my cotton pyjamas and shimmied into the black dress. After this thorough investigation I came to see it was fitted perfectly- The falling shirts were cut just above my feet, the top was pressed to me in a way that emphasized my every curve. Silky, see- through sleeves cascaded down my arms until they transformed into silk gloves that hugged my hands and fitted- well, like a glove.

I turned to face the mirror in my room, it was absolutely beautiful. I could see my mother’s face reflected off the mirror’s surface. She was smiling proudly with her eyes as purple as they had been when we where little and her hair the colour of red wood. I turned to her and pulled her sleeve, the shirts giving way to my every movement.

“Mother, did you make this for me?” I chimed, shaking my head and wishing for my tear ducts to evaporate. She nodded in my vague direction. I wrapped my arms around her and she returned the loving movement. “Mummy, I won’t leave you by yourself, I won’t leave you!” I cried tears running hot and fast. “I love you; I’ll never leave with gay abandon like- like he did!” My voice was loud and I was shouting through my heaves of breath. Mother nodded to my response and pulled away. This was the last time I would see her until I chose Erudite tomorrow she was keeping herself together. “Why do you not cry for me mother,” I pulled back, longing to look meaningfully into her dead eyes.

“I trust you to stay,” she said, making a satisfied sound and shrugged politely.

“And if I fail?” I asked out of curiosity and somewhere, buzzing fear at the back of my brain.

“Then our family will brand you as a common factionless.” She turned graceful and slid out the door and closed it silently. However, no matter how quiet, it still left a mind- numbing echo bouncing around in my head.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I sat on the lounge’s oldest couch; it was far in the back of the entire study room and the darkness made it almost impossible to see and therefore making it a stay-away for most of the pupils. For me it was a sanctuary for me to keep myself to myself until they found me.

I saw Ross and Craig cross the main hall from my hiding place and sank into the shadows. Even that could not make an escape possible. They pointed at me and my stomach turned to a churn able mush. I sat straight with a poker face on that would stand like iron until it was over, I promised this to myself but I heard a high whimper come from my lips.

The closed my eyes tight and I heard them chuckle next to me; I swear if you couldn’t see them they could circle you on a large bed and you wouldn’t feel the weight change. Ross in front and Craig sitting behind I knew their hands so well I could just tell as they moved their palms and fingers around my body. I squirmed and flailed but they pinned my shoulders and hands to the furniture. I heard the word ‘slut’ repeated in the direction of a girl’s table.

The touching was horrible as they made their way to my legs, I wanted to scream but I knew people wouldn’t believe the girl who had slept with many- truth was, I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet but I was so vulnerable... Then I heard my name being called in the distance and the boys slowly made their way off of me.

I stood up straight and dignified and changed my body weight to my forward foot and spun. My hand flung out and slapped loudly the cheeks of the boys that had taken my innocence. The sound so long waited for that I smiled proudly. They looked at me in disgust as I walked away with as much swag as I could muster. The girls who had always shunned me where now in a state of complete shock as I mouthed ‘I am not a whore; They cannot use my body like that anymore,’ and they gave me a slow clap and cheer as I entered the room that would surely change my entire life. And for a change things were going as they were supposed to.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The room was a serious change to the lounge as I began to find out. The first obvious thing- the light- was seeping from behind the mirrors but filled the whole room with an uncomfortable white that sent a chill through my spine. The second was the mirrors which lined the walls and made a distorted version of me shimmer throughout the room which also made me shrink down; it became apparent that these test rooms where made to manipulate you into beating you into being small and after figuring this out it eliminated the versions of how this could go down in my mind, even so my thoughts were still surging though many different horrible visions that I was almost visibly quivering when I reach the middle of the room where a man with long black hair and piercings lining his face like gems on a rocky fronts. He outstretched his black hands kindly and took them in mine.

“Don’t be scared sweet Alisa, the simulation is only a part of life- most people get want they want.” I knew this was a lie but something about his gentle voice and graceful movements made me agree with his words. He laid me out on the table in front which was like a steel bed with the back propped up. I felt cold all over like a sheet of ice had replaced my skin by the time he had returned with a needle filled with clear liquid. “This won’t hurt a bit,” said the man who I had now came to nickname Diamond for his shimmering gems on his face. I knew he was lying but still gave a sharp intake of breath as the needle was pushed through my pale skin.

The room I was in was like a classroom without chairs or school tables, however in front of me was a flat bit of metal covered in a white cloth and the more I looked at it the more I believed it was floating. I turned to the other organism in the room, an old lady with such a dull figure that I concluded I couldn’t remember for more than two seconds. Her voice echoed in my head as she whispered a sharp word into my ear-‘choose’.

I stared down at the table a long knife and a large block of food I came to realize was the most yellow cheese I had ever seen. It fumbled for thought but in the woman’s eyes it was told of becoming danger. I slipped both into my pocket as the table disintegrated along with the lady, when a loud slam came from behind me. I spun like I had only moments before with those repulsive boys and saw a big black dog with blood thirst living in its eye sockets. A low growl filled the room as it cut through the dog’s throat. The mutt pouched forward so there was only a small closing between us.

They can smell fear you know Ally! I remember Timothy saying looking up at me from the stray dog we had seen while walking past the factionless on a family field trip-Can they? Do they trust you more? Oh, and don’t call me Ally. I had said coming up to the dog and scratching under its ears. No, they hate it! They think they should fear you too and attack! Why shouldn’t I call you Ally? The fear on his face was slightly surprising as he loved all animals but this dog... If I’m not my given name- then I have to become someone else, and life’s too short to do that. Remember to always be you okay Timothy? Then we hadn’t talked for the rest of the day.

The fear left my body as I thought of Timothy; he would never be evil and corrupt as the world was sure to be. I held my hand out carefully and looked into the dog’s eyes as my body lowered into a crouch. He snarled and bit at me and snatched a flake of skin as he did. I winced inside but keep as cool as possible on the outside. I pushed my hand under the dog’s head and whispered a name ‘Tooth, nice to meet you.’ The dog was confused but by giving it a name I had given it ownership and it sat by me and pressed it’s torso to my leg.

“Doggy!” a little girl shouted from the wall opposite. She had blonde curls and a frilly Victorian outfit, I noticed. Tooth leaped from beside me toward the little girl, teeth bared, padded feet bounding of the ground. “TOOTH! NO!” I commanded as my feet pounded at the ground and I dive-bombed for the girl. Tooth bit the air in front of him as he squared- up to the girl and his nose ran the length of her jaw-line. Instinct hit as I through the knife in the direction of Tooth. “Tooth! Watch!” I cried as the puppy leapt out of the way. The child coward into me and I pressed the cheese into her hand- ‘comfort food’ I explained as I retrieved the sword and patted Tooth’s fur.

The background changed, I was in a tram and a rough man was sitting below me as I stood clinging to one of the drop down handles. I looked down at him and him at me while he shoved a poster into my face. The man on the picture was easy to recognise by some weird force. Involuntarily I spoke aloud the name “Tooth.” The man was taken aback by my outburst.

“You know Tooth? Where has my boy gone?” his eyes furrowed and I knew he was lying.

“You’re sick, aren’t you? Lying about being his father? You are his partner or something aren’t you? Left the day you broke up and wondering where he is?” I answered proudly. He shuffled backwards as I smiled back. “You’re younger than you look, hard working and worrying had given you that. You need to sleep more- he’s not coming back in the middle of the night if you don’t do something.” I smiled with pleasure; I could feel evil burning in the pit of my stomach. I got like this whenever I acted physic, people just need to hide their emotions more... be more careful; and their past will not slip from their eyes. Truth be told- I have not met someone how hid their reasons as much as my mother. The fact that she doesn’t use her eyes would probably be the reason to that but even the blind can see our emotions as clearly as a reflection.

“How- Who are- Where is he?” he looked hopeful and his voice was tired. “Please help me,” he pleaded as he pulled me down. I know it might look strange but these faceless people on the simulation where clearly just part of my mind, so best to have fun. I leaned close to the man so we were inches away and pressed my body against him. I could feel the shocked stares and was enjoying every moment of it as I leaned so close I felt his lips as I spoke.

“He is here, captured as you are. It would be pointless to waste your life for him to get him,” I sighed.

“You don’t understand,” he chuckled. “He is my life.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” I explained, standing upright and heading for the tram doors. I heard him sputter a few words before I had reached the hooks handles but they were of no value to my motion. I pried open the doors and stuck my head into the darkness and screamed the man’s lover’s name. “Tooth! Master’s calling!” I laughed manically as the black pup jump hastily toward me. As he pounced, he changed from beast to man and landed provocatively on top of me but that was on neither of our minds as the men ran for each other- embracing and crying between hushed love sonnets. My mind was on the scenery as it was torn away from me leaving the last vision in my head of love when all that was waiting for me in the real life was complete hate.

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