Alisa's story- Amity

Long awaited but please do love it or you are a bunch of nazi zombie who eat babies, smiley face.


3. Am I really a monster? Probably.


Chapter: 3

They had accommodated beds so we didn’t tell our families of our results. So, in the morning I was awoken by a whistling sound screaming through the make-shift bedroom. The choosing ceremonies were happening today.

I knew to pick Erudite but there was something in me that couldn’t imagine a life in the same old place. But my family needed me not to be selfish and look after them, especially since mum couldn’t adapt to her condition. We were filed in with various other children. There were so many my brain hurt instinctively trying to count them. My last name was H so I would be after Ross and Craig. I analysed this as their last names were Hade and Hadith. I think that’s why they’re so very good friends.

The ceremony started with a lecture on the starting of the factions and such which I would have found invigorating, it was just that nervousness was getting to me and I began to feel woozy. One by one the shaking children went up, slicing their hand and sprinkling their blood over a bowl- of glass for candor, of lit coals for dauntless, of soil for amity, of stones for abnegation and for my faction- of water for erudite.

By the time it got to H, I was lurching with sickness as I heard each yelp from a despairing family that would probably never see their child again or the heave of a siblings chest as their brother or sister picked another faction and gave them cold eyes as the crying soul held their hands our desperately or the squelch of the blood on familiars hands or- the list was long and heart wrenching and every stable source in my mind was pleading to go back to mother in Erudite, to not stick out and behave as the monsters did who left their families.

“Ross Hade!” called a skinny girl from just outside the line. It was mandatory for the simulation teacher to call out their partner’s name. As there were very few guides it was apparent that each superior had at least 50 children to tend to. Ross leapt forward, I noticed he was shaking but I couldn’t degrade him for that- everyone was. I notice him break off hands with his just younger sister as he strode to the bowls in front. I kept my eyes on the dauntless bowl as I couldn’t imagine him in this faction if he wanted to end up in a faction. The sizzling coals before him lit in delight as his hand bore over them, he turned to give his sister a wink and upturned his hand- to Erudite! I let in a gasp as I swore to myself- how could I be in Erudite if he was in it? I didn’t want to get bullied! This was the part where I lived a happy life with my family and a moderate looking man- not when I was under fear of being raped in my induction!

The thought was still in my head when Craig picked Erudite too, slapping hands with Ross and sitting at the table licking their lips daringly at me. My heart beat increased rapidly as the people next to me were getting fewer. This wasn’t fair, I repeated in my head. They can’t do this, I don’t want this. Tears formed from behind my closed eyes, I tightened them so hard, daring the muscles in my eyelids to break so I wouldn’t have to experience seeing the world anymore. I almost missed my name when I heard a kind voice centimetres from my face.

“Alisa Helthwith!” Diamond called. My eyes flew open so fast that the tears I had kept close spilled from my eyes unstoppably. Diamond felt hateful toward me but he still gave me an encouraging smile as he handed me the plain knife. I couldn’t stop crying and a red haze of blush was making my face a beetroot red. I wanted to call out for them all to stop staring. Looking at me like I was a freak, maybe I was- I was divergent maybe that meant I was a monster like Diamond had said. Without a second thought I cut deep into my flesh.

It glided across my skin and the pain was sickening as I was already feeling slightly anaemic already. I steadied myself and forced my vision into a clear state before pulling my hand out. I could be in anyone, I thought laughingly as I stared at the bowl of which I had picked. The soil sucked up my blood like it was thirsty. I threw back my head and let out a sinister giggle, I had gone crazy- had I really just picked Amity on the off chance I would be liked? The chance that my blind mother and baby brother could get along by themselves? I gazed at them as my mother screamed traitor and my brother stared to wail. No one but me could hear them over the loud clapping and jeering from my chosen faction. I still held the knife in my hand, I thought irrationally but Diamond, as if sensing my thoughts brought his hand over mine as the tip of the blade crossed my chest. A clot of blood seeped though the cut but no one took action. I ran to the back of the tables and wailed like my brother had before, big fat tears spilling over his cheeks like they had yesterday morning.

I raised my head to see everyone glancing at me with concerned looks as my hand was sprayed with blood. “Don’t look at me!” I yelped softly while a nurse backed me into the infirmary room, “I am not a monster!”

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