Alisa's story- Amity

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5. A chaos of the nipple kind.


Chapter 5:

Training started soon after we got changed and met everyone in our dorm. Hailey gathered us all up and asked us all to pair into three, I sighed because I didn’t like having to meet strangers. I was always the last one picked and I heard Jen and a boy that I heard being called Albert- the one from earlier who was acting couple-y- call Abby.

I was so used to sliding into the darkness so I took I step back but ended up bumping into someone, I stumbled over the long hem of my blue dress and landed face- first onto the group, spread out like a sled. A husky voice called from behind me “Sorry, so, so sorry!” it was rushed as he bent down to help me up. I rolled to my slide and hit his feet which then disappeared below him and he toppled on me perpendicularly. I sat up, blushing furiously and rubbed the back of my head. Sliding my legs from beneath him I hulled him up by his shoulders.

My face was clouded in red as I saw his face, he had hair that was curly brown and carved into his face, and he had a slender body. I whispered “beautiful,” he looked up and smiled with a breath taking charm. I caught myself staring and looked away- I was so surprised, I had been behaving like a robot since I picked Amity but now- I felt... human. My heart raced inside my chest. He reached out and pulled me into an embrace, I let in a surprised hiccup-like sound and he cuddled me in. His hand brushed up against my hair.

“Thank you,” his voice sounded like an angel’s “thanks, for help me up.” He took my hand and pulled me to my feet, “I guess we’re in the same group then, if that okay with you?” he gave me a thumbs up and then strolled off, grabbing a hold of my wrist. A young girl with a side pleat sat on the ground and huffed impatiently, raising her eye- glasses and patting down the stray bits of blonde hair. She just radiated a dorky moe that I found weird. The way she was sitting made me struggle not to avert my eyes. She was flashing off her white panties behind her mini red shirt. Her yellow shirt was also see-through and the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra made me cringe and pull away from the boy’s grasp.

“Oh! You brought a friend!” The girl gathered herself up and extended her hand, sticking out her tongue in a comical way. “I’m moon and I’m sure you’ve meet Derren by the way he was holding onto you?” Something about this girl made me uneasy- and it wasn’t the clothes, how unsettling they may have been. I nodded and sat down politely, making sure my skirt covered all of me. Derren sat next to me and was rambling on about technique of drama performances, which was easy for him as he was an Amity descendent (hence the hugging,) when we were stopped by a loud, almost screech of Jen’s voice tumbling thought-out the noisy hall.

“WE’RE DONE!!” she echoed in a tumble of words. The whole class jumped in unison of her loud voice, apart from a rather small black girl with pinned up white hair that barely flinched. Hailey doubted them but they still went up and did a poor performance that included Jen and Albert insulting each other and Abby couched behind them- which would have looked like a family abuse thing is Albert wasn’t insulting Abby and Jen punching her... It seemed nothing like a practiced piece but Hailey still clapped after it. Even if she was the only one Jen still took the praise and bowed in confidence. I sighed, I knew I hated this girl but I didn’t know she was that into herself.

Derren slipped his hand into mine, but I didn’t feel it as I have some problem with my nerves and I can’t tell if I have water on my skin or if someone touches me in the hands or legs, that’s why I have to judge on pressure most of the time. I looked over at him at he was red all over his face, I wanted to ask him what was wrong but then that would be classed at flirting and I can’t flirt as boys should be the last thing on my mind. But mostly because Moon was giving me evil looks from across semi circle we had created. She let on that she liked him but he didn’t like her because of the amount of skin she was showing off, however I saw her being friends with Jen so on the off chance that they were gay, they would make a great couple I observed.

Come to think of it, I knew Moon from somewhere- she must have gone to my school at one point. Oh yes, I remember! She was sitting in the back lounge chair once when I tried to hide; she had a stack of Japanese manga books and was laughing sharply at them. Once Ross and Craig pinpointed the laughing and found me, they assaulted me worst than any time before- I swore that she was my first enemy and here she was, in front of me, basically naked... showing herself like that. I shuffled toward her as Abby’s show ended and pulled off my red sweater, under it was a yellow T-shirt. She was looking at me funny, as were others around us who hadn’t already left for lunch. Derren glanced over “Hey Alisa would you mind if-“he stopped there as I removed the yellow shirt, under it was my white lacy that my mother had bought me, I was a D now but I was still growing so the bra fit quite tightly. I didn’t notice this tough because I was folding up the shirt and giving it to Moon.

“Wear this please, your shirt now is showing of your extremely small breasts.” I hated her and that meant I could be mean to her, Amity would be okay with that because Jen hated me and she never got in trouble.

Moon made a disgusted noise from her throat, “you’re the one with no top on, are you crazy?” she flailed her hand back, making to slap me but I bit her ear. “You’re insane!” She cried toppling backwards.

“You know that Derren would like you if you wore. More. Clothes.” I whispered and dropped the tee onto her bewildered face. I stood fast and crossed the room, where I put on my sweater at the doorway and winked at Derren in hopes Moon would see it and put a bloody top on that covered her nipples.

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