May was always a hopeless Romanti, she would day dream of a perfect guy for her. But when he comes she is in danger of his brother, as he cant have her he tries to kill her.


1. Daydreamers.

May was sitting down on her field, it wasnt really her field but she felt like she belongs their, sort of homly feeling likw shes whole again. She layed down surrounded by feshlly cut grass, white daises and whild red roses. She was watching the clowds, hopeing time would fly by. She was enjoying the wonderfull summerly breeze. The clowds made her laugh, May had a whild imagination. A big white fluffy bunny hopped along the blue sky, following it was a big fire breathing dragon, each clowd reminded her of something else, a shape, a story or even a song. May closed her eyes just for a moment, she promised herself she wouldnt fall asleep. When she reopend her eyes she realised she was asleep for almost an hour. With a rush she picked up her bag and rushed her way home.

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