Forgive me.

Sammie was sorry she killed emma, but she was made, and shes back to prove that.


2. thiings that go bump in the night.

I kept seeing this man, he was threatning me, he was telling me to kill Emma or he will kill everyone i love. I do not know who he is or why hes making me kill my bestfriend, maybe deep down inside i dont wanna know. Everywhere u go something reminds me of it, last night i heard something or someone in my kitchen, when  i went their, i say w hudge knife coverd un blood- i dont know if it was real or not- and their was a note their, it said:

Kill Emma, if you dont, all your friends and family will die aswell, so which is it, Emma or everyone else, either way, Emma dies.



IM so scared, i dont know who it is.


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