World of Warcraft

The world of warcraft from the eyes of Sylvanas Windrunner-We are the Forsaken. We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way.”.She is a queen of the undead a zombie queen.


1. Who mocks me

I stare at the human.I read his mind he had nothing whatsoever information that could of helped me.I stroked his cheek aah but i can't waste a human like him.I closed my eyes and muttered a few words and opened my eyes to see him dead i had drained his precious life.I was so free from Arthas i hated him he killed me then gave me life just because he was petty for him.Humans such a stupid waste.Suddenly i heard a noise.

"Who mocks me"i yelled.Nobody mocks me.I heard a rustle and a few footsteps.

"Come out now and i may not kill you"i shouted.Alleria walked in her eyes focused on me.

"Sister"Alleria whispered giving me a hug.

"What is it now,you only come to me when you need help"i replied.

The orc's have taken Vereesa"Alleria mumbled.

"What"i shouted.

"The orcs"Alleria mumbled

"I heard it the first time those orc's i will go and free Vereesa"i replied.Alleria nodded and walked off.I called my skeleton crew.

"Come on let's kill the orcs"i shouted and walked off to find the orc's.No one i mean No one mocks me.

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