Living Nightmare

My journey was a Living nightmare. One of the worst things anyone could go through let alone a 13 year old girl. It all began on the plane on Friday 13th April 2012.


7. Chapter 7

I then walked over to the battered looking telephone inside a hut of its own. Probably to protect it from the thunder and amazingly heavy rainstorms. It must have rained whilst I slept I thought to myself. Not caring what the time difference was between Brazil and Wales, I dialled my Dad’s mobile number and waited. No answer. I tried again. No answer. Now I was desperate, I crossed my fingers and dialled slowly with my other hand, making sure I got every digit correct them pressed the green phone button again. ‘Ring, ring’ says the phone into my ear, ‘ring, ring’, then a miracle happened he answered. ‘Alex?’ his voice said into the receiver. He sounded like he’d been crying. A lot. ‘Dad?’ I replied. ‘Alex! I’ve been worried sick! I know the Chief said you were ok but I was still, so worried. It’s so good to hear your voice! When are you coming home? I’ll organize a flight right awa-‘ ‘Dad.’ I cut him off and he, thankfully, became silent. ‘Chief Mandela gave me an offer. He said that if we wish to, we can come and live in the rainforest with him and become part of the tribe.’ There was a long, painful silence on the other end of the phone so I looked up with tears in my eyes for some reason and saw Lucas leaning against the door of another hut watching me. ‘Babe, I’m not sure I-I- your mother’ he whispered. ‘It’s okay Dad I understand I’ll go and tell Chief and Lucas-‘I assured him, my voice breaking with sadness. ‘Ask Chief if we can stay for a long holiday maybe 2-3 weeks? We could return then whenever possible in the school holidays.’ At this point I started jumping up and down in the air and immediately started crying. Lucas ran over and gave me a hug, I hugged him back sobbing on his shoulder I said thank you to my Dad and he said he’d be over in a day or two with Evan. He gets an early flight because we’ve been missing and the special forces will bring him over. I put the phone down and walked hand in hand with Lucas towards Amy and the now calmed down dancers. They were all gathered around the fire, sat on the logs in a circle, talking. They stopped and turned towards us when the saw us. Amy got up off her log and Jessicἀ smiled at me and Lucas holding hands. I hugged Amy with my other hand and declared, ‘Me, my father, Amelia and my little brother Evan will be staying for 3 weeks but then going home. We will be returning when school finishes and staying for 2-3 weeks at a time.’ I paused and smiled as everyone muttered and cheered. ‘My father will be here in around 2 days and thank you very much Chief Mandela for the offer it truly is amazing.’ Every single person that was gathered around the flames was delighted at this and stood up clapping. We all danced on and on until it got too hot to dance anymore. Amy had fallen asleep in her bed (well, hammock) and was being tucked in by another beautiful woman with dark hair and caramel skin. I was stood watching Amy and thinking back to how we were just yesterday when I heard voices behind me. It was Lucas and his Dad. Chief Mandela was the first to speak, ‘thank you for accepting my offer Alexandra I have never seen so many happy, smiling faces in one place and you have made Lucas very happy.’ I blushed a little at this and smiled shyly. ‘We will start hunting tomorrow if you wish or jessicἀ can teach you to cook or sow?’ ‘Thank you I’ll think about it’ I said with a smile, my cheeks still burning. Chief nodded and walked away towards the biggest hut, his personal hut where he slept. Lucas and I stood there staring at each other again, an unspoken friendship. He slowly stepped forward and gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead, smiled and headed towards his own hut, I watched him step inside and he blew out the candle lighting it. Once he was inside I climbed into my own bed, blew a kiss towards Amy and dreamed about what tomorrow would hold.                                                                       The End

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