Living Nightmare

My journey was a Living nightmare. One of the worst things anyone could go through let alone a 13 year old girl. It all began on the plane on Friday 13th April 2012.


6. Chapter 6

I woke up to the sound of singing. Happiness filled my heart as I saw Amy, un-injured dancing around a warm, crackling fire underneath the dark sky, with beautiful, clean clothes on. I found a skirt and top matching Amy’s gorgeous pink material but mine was blue and quickly slipped them on to go and sit on one of the logs by the fire outside with my new found friends and sister. I took a seat next to Lucas who had a headband made of leaves and flowers on his black hair. The reflection of the fire danced in his eyes as he watched it and sang along with the others to what sounded like a Portuguese folk song. He saw me looking at him and turned his face towards me, he smiled warmly and pushed me off my seat to go and dance by the flames with my sister. Amy saw me and stopped twirling around. She ran towards me and jumped, I flung her into my open arms. ‘I missed you but I’m having an awful lot of fun Alex!’ she squealed in my ear with happiness. ‘I missed you to Amy. Go on.’ I put her back down to continue dancing but she pulled me with her. I gave in and twirled and laughed until I had to sit down. Once I took my seat next to Lucas I looked up high into the trees and breathed in the smell of burning wood. I closed my eyes and relaxed until Lucas whispered in my ear, ‘the chief would please like to have a word with you.’ I opened my eyes and nodded without a word. I walked back in to the hut where I had slept and saw the chief sat in his grand bamboo chair. He wore a matching headband to Lucas’s and looked very alike him. I wondered if they were related. Once he saw me he lifted his head and his lips rose at the sides into a faint smile. ‘It’s been long since we had an outsider stay with us. My people seem to enjoy having you two children stay with us. You were in good luck Lucas; my son found you when he did that snake would sure have killed you.’ That confirmed my question. Lucas was the chief’s son, and looked a lot like him. ‘Thank you chief, me and my sister are both very grateful’ I replied not quite sure what to say. ‘Your sister seems like it here.’ We both glanced outside in the dark night where Amy was dancing with another little tribal girl about her age. ‘Excuse me I am sorry, my name is Chief Mandela and my son, Lucas Mandela will one day take my place.’ I could imagine Lucas on this chair with his headband on his thick, dark hair and his strong body clutching a spear for protection like it had yesterday when he had saved our lives. ‘I have spoken to outsiders and they had heard of the plane crash. They have been searching in flying vehicles for days, looking for survivors. I told them I would speak to you and offer you something. Me and the rest of Akutzu tribe have talked and we have decided to let you stay here if you wish.’ I swear my heart stopped at this point. I was surely in shock. I would love to stay here and learn to hunt, to sing and to learn Portuguese, but what about my family? I’d just be miserable without them. Chief Mandela must have saw my reaction and quickly added ‘Your family could stay to if they wish, we could build another hut here easily.’ I really wasn’t sure what to do. My Dad wouldn’t want to stay here because it’d be known to him as the place that killed my mother and Evan, my brother is a year old but I suppose he would be okay. ’Can I please have some time to think about it and speak to my Father?’ ‘Why of course. Let me know.’ I walked back out but didn’t feel like dancing now. I wasn’t upset, I was just confused. Lucas greeted me at the door of the hut. I think he knew what me and the Chief were talking about. He looked at me as if he was waiting for an explanation we stood like it for a couple of seconds but I gave in to his eyes. ‘I really want to stay here, it would be a dream come true,’ I started to explain as his face lit up, ‘but I’ll need to have my family here or I’d be miserable all the time I’m afraid. I wish to speak to my Father please Lucas? I would like to persuade him to come otherwise I’m going home. Sorry.’ I turned my back on him and left him gaping at me.

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