Living Nightmare

My journey was a Living nightmare. One of the worst things anyone could go through let alone a 13 year old girl. It all began on the plane on Friday 13th April 2012.


5. Chapter 5

He came out from behind a bunch of very pretty, very tall, blue flowers which looked a little like daisies but bigger. They were wet from the storm which was getting heavier by the minute. The man had dark, caramel colored skin, and a broad muscular figure. He carried a spear which was taller than he was; the end hidden amongst the big, green leaves above both of our heads. He wore only a loin cloth as it was so ‘sticky’ and no shoes. He wasn’t covered in bites, cuts and bruises like I was…all over. He held his hand out to me as people do to help others get up, but I wasn’t sure if this is what he meant. I just kept still, staring at him. After what seemed like half an hour he finally said in a deep, Brazilian accented voice, ‘Come’. I slowly started getting up, took one step towards him, and took his out-stretched hand with my own. He looked me up and down like he was eyeing my wounds, and winced. I looked at his face which was a good foot above my own, he looked about 16, 17 his face still looked very young, but how would I know? I’ve never seen a man that lives in a rain forest before. He now looked at my face and must have picked up my much battered features as British. ‘You are hurt’ he declared but it sounded more like a question. I nodded in reply, ‘a little. Have you seen my sister?’ I was trying to make big hand gestures and speak clearly but it seems like I didn’t need to. His English was very good. He explained how Amy had gone back to his camp and was being treated for by his sister. I nodded again in response relieved. Amy was okay. He turned and walked into the forest, battling vines and stepping over flowers and roots. I did the same as I hurried and limped to keep up with him; he has clearly been here before. ‘I am grateful, how did you find me and my sister Amy?’ I questioned him with curiosity ‘Oh, and my name is Alex.’ ‘I heard the scream. Your sister’s scream. I was hunting and you scared my game away so I came to find what happened. I am named Lucas.’ We walked in silence now until we came across a camp with a few little huts. They were each only about 5 foot tall and we both had to duck to go inside. Inside the hut we stepped in, was Amy laid down on a bed with bandages covering her, there were other children hurrying around her and she was smiling. It was nice to see her smile, something I haven’t seen since the airport and before we knew what experience lay ahead of us. When me and Lucas walked into the tent the people inside turned towards us and half smiled, half gasped at my wounds. My body must look worse than I imagined. One woman with the same warm, caramel skin and long dark hair as Lucas rushed towards me and ushered me onto a bed near Amy. ‘I am Jessicἀ, and your adorable sister says you are named Alexandra? You are hurt quite badly let me see.’ I show her my arm, I was right it wasn’t broken but my ankle which I’ve been limping on was. The fall she said had made my ankle worse.  I saw Lucas stood in the corner of the hut with another man dressed in beautiful colours sat on a bamboo chair. Jessicἀ saw me looking at him. ‘He is the leader of our tribe, the Akutzu tribe and we honour him. Lucas is talking to him about you and your sister and how we are getting you home.’ I was overjoyed when she explained this to me, we were going home! Father, Nan and Bampi we’ll get to see them all, but how? I wanted to know,  

‘How? How do you contact my family?’ Jessicἀ smiled warmly at me reminding me of Mum. My heart sank a little at this. She handed me a drink of water from a bottle and I drank it all. ‘We have telephones, we can speak to police and tell them you are hear.’ ‘Thank you’ I replied yawning and hugging the kind lady. She saw my yawn and tucked me into the bed, carefully avoiding contact with my wounds. She brushed some hair out of my face and walked away towards the chief and Lucas. The last thing I saw was the chief looking at me before my eyelids got so heavy they shut tight and I fell fast asleep.  

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