Living Nightmare

My journey was a Living nightmare. One of the worst things anyone could go through let alone a 13 year old girl. It all began on the plane on Friday 13th April 2012.


4. Chapter 4

Me and Amy headed off into the jungle. It was dark and scary in the undergrowth thanks to the layers of trees towering high above our heads. I could see the sky, a bright layer of blue with dark, black clouds starting to form. They were scattered around here and there but I knew from my Geography lessons that they’d grow in size in just a few hours and then poor down with rain and won’t stop for hours on end. We were going to have to find a safe cover soon or we’d get a good soaking. I could tell Amy was scared. Every sound, every rustle of leaves, she’d gasp and stop in her tracks. It was terrifying especially for an 8 year old girl who couldn’t even tell the time yet. The next time Amy stopped so did I, I could hear the very faint sound of water running nearby. I jumped up in the air with joy startling Amy…big mistake I banged my head on a branch above me and fell to the ground. I was covered in ants and other insects I didn’t recognize in seconds and I didn’t even know if they were dangerous or not. Amelia started panicking and backed away from me and hit nearest tree with her back, stumbling on a giant root but thankfully not falling. I struggled to get the bugs off me but failed as I encouraged more by moving and revealing my cuts. I could feel them crawling all over my body, in my clothes, my hair, my mouth everywhere! I suddenly heard Amy scream-a high pitched screech which sent a couple of birds, including a few brightly coloured Toucans, flying above my head. My head shot up when she screamed but I was pinned to the ground with the weight of the insects. They were surprisingly heavy for their size. Through my blurred vision I saw something move down by my feet, something that was MUCH too big to be an insect or bug...It was a snake. Now it was my turn to scream. The snake must have been what Amy saw but I couldn’t hear her warning me thanks to the scuttering noises all over my body. I knew I shouldn’t scream, as it attracts attention but I couldn’t help it, I just reacted before I could stop myself. The snakes head whipped towards me and it started making its way towards my head. Oh no. I closed my eyes and prayed I’d live to look after Amelia and help her get out of this place. I wasn’t that religious but I was really hoping for a god right now. I felt a gush of wind pass my face and my eyes shot open again. Amy had gone…but so had the snake and most of the insects. What had she done!? Had she run away? But why and where had all the animals disappeared? It started to rain now and the rain was cool against my still laid down body, a refreshing break from the sickness and heat of the forest. My clothes started to stick and get uncomfortable. ‘Amy?’ I called out after spitting out a few left over bugs sticking to me and I really needed a drink of water out of my backpack but I resisted the need. I had managed to get up now and avoid that branch that had caused all of this trouble. There were a few vultures sat up there now, their eyes following my every move. I heard movement behind me. My head shot in the direction it came from, my eyes glued. ‘Amelia!’ I called out again but no Amy appeared. No, Instead of Amy it was a man.  

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