Living Nightmare

My journey was a Living nightmare. One of the worst things anyone could go through let alone a 13 year old girl. It all began on the plane on Friday 13th April 2012.


2. Chapter 2.

After a quick boarding thanks to the small size of the plane we were up in the air and flying, thankfully Amy had fallen asleep. An hour into the flight I was snuggling up to Mum to enjoy the small mother-to-daughter time I get with her alone, when the seatbelt sign suddenly ‘pinged’ and flashed on. ‘Please fasten your seatbelt; we are experiencing small turbulences’ said the posh cabin crew lady’s voice across the speakers. Me and Mum did as we were told and fastened Amy’s around her small, fragile, sleeping body. The turbulences certainly weren’t ‘small’ they were so violent they woke up Amy from her dreams so she started crying and clutching Mum. Looks like my quality time with mum had finished then. I thought to myself with a sigh. The turbulences got worse by the second it wasn’t long before we heard the cabin lady’s voice again, ‘Please remain calm as we try to find a safe place to land the air craft due to the over-powering turbulence’.

That was when we all started to panic…I looked out of the window and saw that we were over the Brazilian rainforest! Where were we going to find a ‘safe’ place to land down there except for on top of one of the trees or in some piranha infected lake! People all around me were screaming, crying, hugging their loved ones and there was me getting grumpy over not being able to hug mum just 5 minutes ago. I felt dizzy everything was happening so fast this was the end for me, my mum and Amy. Oh, Amy my little sister I’d complained and been embarrassed about was about to die in one of the worst environments in the world and I’d hated her a few minutes ago. ‘BANG!’ This is when I started crying, I didn’t try to be brave anymore, I was hugging my family for all I was worth. I looked out of the window we were flying very low near the emergent trees and a branch had got caught in one of the engines causing it to explode. My mum suddenly took hold of my face with her shaking hand while her other hand gripped Amy tightly. ‘If I don’t survive this and you and Amy do or just you, please Alex, just please stay alive! For me? Don’t stay at the crash site, walk until you find flowing water, then follow it and just keep on following. Tribes in the forests camp by rivers so you will have more chance of surviving and getting home. Don’t stay with my body or anyone else if I die, don’t listen to anyone who tells you differently. Do as I say. Do you hear me?’ a single tear slid down my mother’s cheek. ‘I pray to God we’ll all survive but you don’t know.’ I nodded. I was lost for words. The three of us stayed huddled in a group clutching one another for what could well be the last time. Amy didn’t say anything but I could tell she was worried and full of questions. She caught me looking at her and held my gaze for a few seconds with her big brown eyes full of tears and love.

‘BANG! ’I guessed this was the other engine but I knew for sure when the plane started whistling and fell through the layers and layers of trees in the Brazilian rainforest. I looked into my Mothers eyes for the last time but was then knocked unconscious when the plane hit the ground and exploded. That was the last time I ever saw my Mother.  

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