Living Nightmare

My journey was a Living nightmare. One of the worst things anyone could go through let alone a 13 year old girl. It all began on the plane on Friday 13th April 2012.


1. Chapter 1

      Yes! Me, mum and my little sister Amy were about to go home from a fantastic, one week holiday break in Brazil and we were about to board the plane back to our home, South Wales. I was a bit anxious about flying because it was Friday 13th but Mum just laughed, told me not to be silly with a smile and hugged me. This holiday had been one of the best yet! (Except for that fact that Mum had a MASSIVE mosquito bite on her leg, but that was healing up well thank goodness!) The holiday had been full of adventure, animals and fun, something every child wished for. Anyway back to the airport. It was a tiny little building but very cozy and quiet. Me and Mum were sat down reading our books waiting for our flight to be announced and Amy was well, just being Amy, which included running around and getting in people’s way despite Mum calling her back. ‘Amelia, sit back down!’ Mum shouted angrily from over her book, ‘you’re so embarrassing Amy!’ I muttered with my head in my hands. Amy just carried on skipping around and singing to herself without a care in the world. After what seemed like ages of waiting, the woman on the speaker finally called out, ‘First choice, Flight 1602 to Cardiff, now boarding at gate 4, I repeat gate 4 please make your way there now.’ Finally I thought to myself.

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