Just because i am different

The story of Chihiro a 14 year old girl.Who is picked on and bullied just because she is different from anybody else. PS.Never Bully anyone it can really hurt someone.


1. A new School

I looked at my new school Zircon High.It was very big filled with many people laughing and talking.Just by looking at some people you could see if they were rich,popular or a geek.A girl ran up to me she looked like a model and i knew she was a rich girl.

"Hello I'm Jen what's your name"Jen asked

"Chihiro"i replied.

"What chee-hee-ee-ro"Jen replied

"Chihiro"i replied back getting frustrated that she was mocking me

"Are you Chinese"Jen asked.

"Partly"i replied.She looked at my school bag.It was a blue one with all my possessions even the diamond earring my mum had gave me before she died.Jen snatched my bag and looked inside it for anything usual fortunately there was only books.Jen turned my bag upside down and out came everything including the earring.Jen snatched the earring and put them on.

"Give them back"i shouted trying to get the earring.

"No,look girls don't i look beautiful"Jen shouted her friends ran and nodded their heads stupidly.

"Give them back"i shouted.

"Or what"Jen replied.I slapped Jen with all my force and took the earring from her.Jen cheek flushed bright red.

"You will pay for this Chihiro i swear i will make life for you horrible until you want to kill yourself"Jen screamed as i walked off the diamond earrings in my pocket.

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