It's not me - It's you

Sophia and her husband desperately want a baby together, but when Robert (husband) has a rugby accident, they relise that they cannot have children together so they agree that they will use a sperm donner to have children. After the process to Sophia's Suprise she falls pregnant! But after a while she relises what they have done and worries that Robert will never accept that the baby growing inside of her is not his! So she ends up running away because of all the stress that she has worrying about this!


1. An insight into my life!

Hello reader,
My name is Sophia Grude and I am married to a wonderful man named Robert! We live in a small flat above the Chinese takeaway - which in some ways is a benifit! The downside to my life is that my husband had a rugby accident a few months ago which has effected our relationship! You may not thing that it should but when we went to the doctors for a check up on the injury, he told us that the accident has caused some damage and that we will no longer be able to have children! Now like every girl I always dreamed of having a big fancy white wedding (that happened but it wasn't as big as I would have liked!) and having children! Now I relise that some dreams were never ment to be!
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