Trepidation Hit Me


1. Trepidation Hit Me


Terror held me with a vice-like grip.

Those blank eyes, devoid of all emotions

 I couldn't see what was going to happen next, Hurt, Pain, Loss with all emotions trying to be shown,

I couldn’t show them,               Not after this.

Fear, Overpower me, manipulate me,

With cold hands

 Twisting my eyes

And tearing my soul.

Hiding underneath It’s Calm looks

 A demon with eyes like fire it made my heart go cold               So cold,

 Nothing could now fix the pain it had caused,                                                                                                                                                                                                        Why punish good people, why put them through this pain,

Do they deserve it?

 Panicky Mum Appearing  because it happened                    Because I saw it                   Because Then... Trepidation hit me.

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