The mystery of Agent Swift


4. Bobby Swift

Sorry the last chapter was so short, I couldn't tell you to much. I hate reading books that give everything away straight away. Now I think it's time to have a chapter all about,well me.

My name is Bobby Joshua Swift and I am a special agent for Mr. Ritchard Grant [ who I'll tell you more about later] who is an absouloute genius!Belive it or not, I used to work at grummies the groceries on Algro Avenue until I moved to work in the groceries section of Grant wherehouses. Then I was approached by Ritchard and offerd a job.I've been in the job for two years now and had over thirty five assingments.If Ritchard hadn't came over to me, if I didn't accept his offer, if I was still working at grummies then my life would be an absouloute mess!!!

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