Kassie and Shannon- Both sides of the story

Kassie is a 13 year-old girl who is moving from house to house she feels like she doesn't have a real home and things just seem to get worse when she meets Shannon, a rich child who doesn't realize that not every ones lives are as good as hers.


6. Shannon


She’s here! She can’t be here! Why me? Why do I have to suffer with her all the time? It’s not fair!!!! She tried to be friends with me but after 2nd lesson I already got her in a headlock. Then the head of year came to talk to me, she told me what was going on in her life, why she was with her carers and how I was making he feel, I felt so bad. I decided to leave Trinity after that , i didn't realized how much i hurt her. I thought after all the pain I caused she needed some closure.

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