Kassie and Shannon- Both sides of the story

Kassie is a 13 year-old girl who is moving from house to house she feels like she doesn't have a real home and things just seem to get worse when she meets Shannon, a rich child who doesn't realize that not every ones lives are as good as hers.


2. Shannon


For me life was great! My dad is a dentist, so he gets tons of money we're totally minted! I love my life and if people don't like that they deserve to be punished- by me, of course!This girl, Kassie moved to my First School, Mooruver and she called me a snob, I mean me a snob-NEVER! So of course I beat her up, and for that I got kicked out! So my mum and dad sent me to a Primary School called Benjamin Academy, it went up to year eight. Even I was scared of the older kids, they could flatten me with one finger, but I soon got to like my new school.
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