Kassie and Shannon- Both sides of the story

Kassie is a 13 year-old girl who is moving from house to house she feels like she doesn't have a real home and things just seem to get worse when she meets Shannon, a rich child who doesn't realize that not every ones lives are as good as hers.


5. Kassie


I’m so glad my time at the Academy ended the summer holiday was great, just on my own. However I moved 5 times! I moved from Nige and Mommy Meg at the end of the term then went on a trial with my dad- did not go well I left within a week, then to Tom and Greg  a gay coupl, which i was fine with,but they were more interested in each other rather than me- so i moved in 5 days. Then to Ray and Delilah- they got divorced, I left in 2 weeks and finally I ended up with Jeff and Rachel, I loved them they even asked ME what high school I wanted to go to- there was Arrowvale, Kingsley and Trinity. I took one look at Trinity and just knew it was perfect- they had a no bulling policy. However things went down hill from there…

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