Kassie and Shannon- Both sides of the story

Kassie is a 13 year-old girl who is moving from house to house she feels like she doesn't have a real home and things just seem to get worse when she meets Shannon, a rich child who doesn't realize that not every ones lives are as good as hers.


3. Kassie


So I guess you’ve heard what she had to say, she gave me a black eye and broke my nose!

Eventually I had to move out of Dales place his parents got pregnant, so for the second time, I moved on. This time I moved to Nigel and Megan, they were alright but not as fun as they said they were, they practically begged for me! Megan was so scary she squeezed my cheeks and said, “How cute is she Nigel, ahh bless” She talked to me as if I was a baby, I was 10 when I moved there.

They couldn’t cook either, well Nige (that’s what he told me to call him) could but Mommy Meg (again what she wanted me to call her) insisted on cooking, I felt like Oliver, it was gruel, near enough, still makes me sick thinking about it!

As I moved so far away from my old home I started a new school- Benjamin Academy…

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