Kassie and Shannon- Both sides of the story

Kassie is a 13 year-old girl who is moving from house to house she feels like she doesn't have a real home and things just seem to get worse when she meets Shannon, a rich child who doesn't realize that not every ones lives are as good as hers.


1. Kassie

You can’t say I've had a normal childhood. I drifted from house to house wondering if I’d stay there longer than a week. I remember the first time I moved, I was only five, I can even remember the conversation I had with my social worker Sandy, I didn't understand much but I think that was because he used puppets. All I can remember is that he said that my mum and dad had and argument and dad left and my mum didn't want me anymore. So I had to move. Since them I haven’t stayed still.

The first place I moved to was a shared house and the couple I was with (Joey and Nora) already had six children- all boys, and I was the youngest too! the boys were called Joey Jr, Dale, Ricky, Nile, and the twins Harry and Josh. I really liked Dale he was 14 and loved to tease me and make me laugh, he was great, like a real brother even when the twelve year-old Nile picked on me he looked after me, he was the best! Where-as Harry on the other hand was an annoying moaning 7 year-old brat who thought the world revolved around him and only him!

That leads me to my first new school- Mooruver First School, I loved it there I had friends and all the teachers knew why I was Joey and Nora. People understood why i sometimes got upset, and they looked after me when i was sad- it was great! People really liked me, apart from this one person…

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