Holding onto Hope

Love isn’t an everyday thing. You know it’s real when your belly flips upside down and you feel so nervous you can’t help but laugh when you’re speaking to them. Yes, today I fell in love...

This is a story about a 14 year old girl called Keira, who has been bullied throughout her school years but now everything is going to change for the better.


1. An Ordinary Day

It was just an ordinary Monday at school, first I had History and we were learning about the Cold War and why it was known as the ‘Cold War’. There was 5 minutes left of History and next I had German – just great, a whole period with Mr Harrod. I spread out across my table at the back, half asleep as Mrs Bridge yapped on and on about the Cold War. I rested my head on the cold desk; I was close to falling asleep when the bell rang. I jump out my seat, grabbed my jotter and pencil to shove them in my bag when Louise pushes into me making me drop my jotter, pencil and bag on the floor, everything fell out my bag and I crouched down to pick them up. Louise hates my guts and always has since Primary school and she’s bullied me throughout the years too, but I guess I just had to deal with it.

“Watch where you’re going freak!” Louise shouted down at me and strutted off.

I pushed everything into my bag then flung it over my shoulder, by that time the next class was lined up outside and away to come in and take their seats for class. As I walked out the class just stared at me and sniggered. I swear, everyone in this school hates me! I don’t know what I’ve done but apparently everyone in every year hates me or just doesn’t know of my existence.


I trudged up to German on my own as people sniggered behind my back. I kept my head down and watched my feet take one step in front of another. I bumped into someone so I looked up and it was a boy I had never seen around school before, he must have been about 15. I apologised and was on my way keeping my head down but occasionally looking up to make sure I wouldn’t bump into anyone again. Soon I was at German and late for it too since History is at the other end of the school. Mr Harrod screamed at me for my tardiness and sent me to my seat at the back of the class.

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