Daisy Chain

Emily and Jasmine are best friends until one fateful day everything changes. Through events beyond their control, Emily and Jasmine become worst enemies. Emily starts to bully Jasmine and being her former best friend, she knows exactly how to hurt her.

Jasmine feels alone. Her best friend has turned against her. She hates her mum for what she's done. She doesn't like her dad's girlfriend or her spoiled little half brother. The head mistress is Emily's aunt. With no-one to turn to, Jasmine turns on herself and with a heart full of hatred she soon too becomes a bully...

When will the chain break so the bullying can stop!

<This is a work in progress, so I'll post chapters as I go along>


4. Runaway Weak, Return Strong


Chapter 4 (Cristina)

I’d invited my sister round to help me pack and say good bye to Emily.  Charlotte was annoying perfectly.  She’d got all the good looks and brains.  Everything seemed easy and simple for her.  She was very career minded and the only area I’d ever beaten her in was marriage and a daughter.  I’m sure there would be a part of her that would be partially pleased to hear that I’d failed in that.  That my marriage was broken and it was going to take all my strength to fix it.  I hadn’t given up on John.

            Oh, it didn’t mean I had forgiven him in the slightest.  My hate was boiling a pure white that I knew I had to be gone by the time he got home.  It was in me to kill him.  How he could cheat on me with my best friend and think that it would all be okay just because he told me, I would never understand the betrayal. 

            I had promised Emily that I would try.  I had made her sacrifice her friendship with Jasmine so she wouldn’t have to hear the deceit of her father with Jasmine’s mother.  Now she had done it, I couldn’t turn back.  I knew she had done it as soon as I walked in the front door.  Emily’s music was blaring louder than ever and with no regard for the trouble she was in.  She was asking for me to start on her.  She hated me.   If I didn’t fix things with her John now, then Emily will have lost her best friend, the one person she’d need if we got a divorce.  I couldn’t let her down.

            My bag was packed by the door and I sat on the bottom step in the hallway waiting for that sound.  There it was my sister’s knock at the door.  I took a deep breath before opening the door; I could already feel my emotions begging for a release.  Another deep breath and I had regained composure and opened the door slowly.

            My sister isn’t a hugging person, she eyed my suspiciously as she walked in.  “How are you doing?”

            “Had better days.”  I replied sarcastically.

            Her eyes rolled up to the ceiling.  “What is that racket?”

            “Emily’s rebellion.”  I admitted with a weak smile that begged for forgiveness.  “I just don’t have the energy to fight her.”

            Charlotte shook her head and made her way past me and up the stairs.  The music was turned down but I didn’t hear what was said but Charlotte must have told her that I was leaving.  As I heard a loud angry, “BYE MUM.  HOPE THE DOOR SLAMS YOU ON THE ARSE!”

            I knew Charlotte was telling her off by the tone in the mumble I could make it but I didn’t’ have a clue what she said and to be honest I was beyond caring.  I just wanted to get as far away from the house as possible and forget the last fifteen years had ever happened!




My sister had cooked me a gorgeous meal in her open plan red and chrome designer kitchen.  It was a modern flat but the second bedroom had been turned into an office.  She had made up a bed for me with too many scatter cushions.  I had made a heap on the floor.  I had already put on my pajamas, washed my face and brushed my teeth for bed.  Now, I knew I was finally alone.  I pulled out my wedding album and admire how handsome John had looked that special day, how happy and in love we had both been. 


I wanted that back, I did!  It’s just, every time I thought about where he’d been and what he’d done, I instantly felt sick.  Maybe I’d have been better off if had never confessed, I could have carried on in ignorant bliss that we were the perfect married couple.  To undo it and go back to what we had would be perfection.  I couldn’t even work out what I’d done wrong to drive him into Lulu’s arms. 


There were no words to explain how betrayed and disrespected I felt by Lulu.  She was supposed to be my best friend and I had done so much for her.  When her husband Dan left her, I looked after Jazz.  When she needed a job with flexible hours, I got her in at the hotel.  When she needed a friend who’d never known her husband, who wasn’t taking sides, I was there for her.  ME!  And this was how she repaid me.  She knew more than anyone the pain of divorce.  At least she knew she hadn’t treated Dan right before he left – self confessed -  but me, I’d loved John and been a perfect wife.  Why did they do this to me!?


I knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight so I’d already taken one of my sisters sleeping pills that she uses when she goes on holiday as she doesn’t like flying.  Slowly I could feel the calm wash over me and my thoughts turn to mush.  Peace in slumber, I welcomed it.  Before I could drift off into serenity, I felt the cold draft of a wind tickle across my back, reminding me that tonight I slept alone after years of the comfort of another pressed against me.  His breath, his scent, always is soothing as I drifted off but tonight the longing ache for his absent touch caused my heart to ache. 


“I will get him back and when I do, I’ll make Lulu suffer.”  Was my last thought as my eyes shut and the world turned to black. 




I woke up surrounded by my sister’s thing.  A world I didn’t belong in.  I missed Emily my ray of light.  I missed my husband and our old life.  I felt out of place and all alone.  I could hear life carrying on.  Outside I could hear the noise of people on the street, busily going about their business.  The birds sounded different as if I was trapped in an alternative universe. 


I was disappointed to see my sister was up.  All I wanted was to be alone to wallow in my self pity.


            “I think I should head home and fix things.”  I told Charlotte.

            “Not yet.”  She said.  “You need time to be strong.  Then you can go back and fix what’s wrong.”

            “What if it’s beyond that?”

            She passed me a coffee and placed it on a coaster.  “If you both want it to work you can but I think you should stay the whole weekend.”

            The coffee was good, from a peculator and posh.  I sipped it and embraced its warm.  It would be good to forget my troubles until Monday.  I would plan my return and everything would go back to normal.  It was what we wanted.  What Emily needed. 

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