Daisy Chain

Emily and Jasmine are best friends until one fateful day everything changes. Through events beyond their control, Emily and Jasmine become worst enemies. Emily starts to bully Jasmine and being her former best friend, she knows exactly how to hurt her.

Jasmine feels alone. Her best friend has turned against her. She hates her mum for what she's done. She doesn't like her dad's girlfriend or her spoiled little half brother. The head mistress is Emily's aunt. With no-one to turn to, Jasmine turns on herself and with a heart full of hatred she soon too becomes a bully...

When will the chain break so the bullying can stop!

<This is a work in progress, so I'll post chapters as I go along>


5. Get Answers, Get Out


Chapter 5 (Emily)


It had been a horribly long week at school and I embraced the weekend as my salvation.  I didn’t even really like Donna.  She was that girl who had been snobby towards everyone else until her forever best friend moved away.  Ever since then she’d been annoyingly desperate, looking for someone to cling on to.  She’d turned out to be the perfect side kick to make pushing Jazz away easy. 


Except… it wasn’t easy.  I felt sick all day every day.  All I wanted to do was tell her what was going on with my parents.  The crying, the fighting, the instability of it all – I felt so uncertain of what was going on as if on Sunday when I walked through the front door, the family home was no more.  Our welcome mat had be ripped out from under my feet.  I was still disorientated by it all and neither my parents would give me a straight answer as to what had happened, mother-coddling me.  I had my suspicions based on snippets I’d overhead and I hoped I was wrong.  I hoped my dad wasn’t a cheat.


My mum had always been house proud; everything was kept in its place and she liked nice things.  Sometimes our home could be mistaken for a Laura Ashley magazine but now despite all the pretty things the rooms had darkened and everything that had once sparkled had now lost its twinkle.  The lights had gone out and the warm glow of a home had been snuffed.


I always got home before mum finished work.  Usually, I’d hang out around Jazz’s house and we’d do our homework together.  I hope my parents don’t get divorced.  I hope they can work things out.  I hope my sacrifice is worth their lifetime of happiness. 


I decided to have a shower.  As the water ran over my face I allowed myself to cry.  It’s not really crying when your tears and mixed with water so I didn’t get mad at myself for being weak. 




I sat on my bed trying to start my homework but it wasn’t the same as sitting around Jazz’s dining room table with her mum bringing us tea and biscuits, fussing and encouraging.  I tried putting some music on to drown out my thoughts but I ended up lying on my back, staring at the ceiling, wondering, “What am I doing?” 


I grabbed my stereo remote and cranked up the volume but still my thoughts plagued my mind.  The longer I lay there the more I wanted to ring her and the more I wanted to tell my mum to go to hell and get a divorce.  I couldn’t help but be mad at here when she was being such a bitch and dad was being so nice.  The longer I lay there the less I cared.  I hated myself for being so selfish. I hated myself for being so torn.


I must have been lying there sometime, busy hating the world, because I hadn’t heard the front door go and my aunty Charlotte arrive. 


Charlotte threw open my bedroom door and it ricocheted off the chest of drawers it hit.  She marched up to my stereo and turned the volume right down to a whisper, barely audio. 


“Are you blind!  Can you not see what your mum is going through?”  She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips.  “I’m so glad I never had kids.  Right now, your mum needs you but you behave like a spoilt brat!”


I was stunned by her brutal honesty.  I felt vulnerable lying on my back with her leaning over me so I started to get up.  I lump rose in my throat at the injustice of it all.  “How can I know if nobody tells me anything!”  I whispered back with a weak and croaky voice that defied the strength I was trying to feign whilst standing up to my aunt.   


“Your dad slept with your best friend’s slut of a mother!”  Charlotte’s eyebrows dipped and darkened her eyes in shadow.  “Grow up Emily!”


Charlotte turned to leave the room and paused at the door.  “I’m taking your mum to mine for the weekend.  She needs to be surrounded by love and support and clearly that’s not you.”


“She made me give up Jazz.”  I whispered with tears building in my eyes.  All I wanted was my best friend.  How could her mum… And my dad…  This was hurting me as much as my mum and she was just going to run.  I had nowhere to run to now!  Nowhere!


“Get over yourself Emily!”  My aunt said coldly and shut the door to show we were done talking.


Angrily I threw the remote at my door and watched it crack open and the batteries spill onto the floor and roll under the chest of draws.  Eugh, they’d be no getting them out!  I was so angry, I’d had enough.  With that I yelled, “BYE MUM.  HOPE THE DOOR SLAMS YOU ON THE ARSE!”




Dad knocked on my bedroom door and opened it before I could tell him to piss off and that I never wanted to speak to her ever again.  He stood in the door frame and asked “Hey Sweetpea, where’s your mum?”


“She’s gone to aunty Charlottes because you’re a cheating man whore!”  I screamed at him as I leapt from my bed and raced across the room to push him out of my bedroom and out of my life.  I was so angry at him for doing this to mum and doing this to me. 


He grabbed hold of my wrists.  His face crumpled and he looked sorry but I just stared him daggers.  He sighed and said, “So, your mum told you about my blip.”


“Your blip!”  I screamed.  He was lucky he had hold of my wrists as I actually wanted to leave a handprint on his face.  No wonder mum had taken off if he spoke about his adultery like it was just a little mistake barely registering the seriousness or magnitude of the matter.


“Please calm down, sweetie.  Give me a chance to explain.  You’ve only heard one side of the story.”  He let go of my wrists.


I folded my arms.  “I don’t care for your side of the story unless it ends with, this is a terrible misunderstanding!”


“I’m afraid I am only human.”


I could see the world turning red.  My dad, who I’d always adored and looked up to was turning into this pitiful creature right before my eyes. He disgusted me.  I stepped back as I could feel my anger boiling.  “Get out dad!  Get out!  I don’t want to hear it!”


“I’m sorry.  Sometimes we all make little mistakes.”


When I get angry I get sarcastic.  I was losing it.  “This! ‘LITTLE’ dad?  What would you consider to be something big?  What is something worth having a drama over?  Is mum overacting?!”


“No, no, no.”  Dad attempted to hush and calm me down.  “I tried to do the right thing.”


“My best friends mum!  You did my best friends mum!  How is that the right thing to do!”


“Come on Emily.  You are just mixing my word and you’re not giving me a chance?”  Dad said with a stern voice, the apologetic tone lost. 


“Get out dad!  I never want to see you again.”


“Sorry.”  He bowed his head and shut the door.  He door now obscured him from my view.  “I made a mistake.  You are right.  It was a big mistake.  It could have been worse but I love your mum.  I want to fix things.  So I told her.”


“You’ve ruined my life!”  With that, I cranked the volume up on my stereo.  I wasn’t going to eat tonight.   I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction or chance to speak another word to me.  We were done!

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