Daisy Chain

Emily and Jasmine are best friends until one fateful day everything changes. Through events beyond their control, Emily and Jasmine become worst enemies. Emily starts to bully Jasmine and being her former best friend, she knows exactly how to hurt her.

Jasmine feels alone. Her best friend has turned against her. She hates her mum for what she's done. She doesn't like her dad's girlfriend or her spoiled little half brother. The head mistress is Emily's aunt. With no-one to turn to, Jasmine turns on herself and with a heart full of hatred she soon too becomes a bully...

When will the chain break so the bullying can stop!

<This is a work in progress, so I'll post chapters as I go along>


2. Cast Out, Pushed Out


Chapter 2 (Jasmine)


Monday morning I left the house to meet Emily at the post box.  This is where we always meet before walking to school together.  This morning Emily was late.  I tried to call her mobile to see where she was but there was no answer.  I then tried texting her “Where are you?”


I was worried we’d be late so I decided to walk to her house and see what the holdup was.  When I reached her front door I knocked but there was no answer.  I spied through the windows but it was clear that everyone was out. 


“She wouldn’t have gone ahead without me?”  I wondered.  It didn’t make sense.


I started walking briskly to school.  I was going to be late and I didn’t know if I should be mad at Emily or seriously worried.  When I arrived at our home room I was only just in time for registration.  I ran to my usual seat and noticed that Emily wasn’t next to me.  I looked around the room and saw she was sitting at the back but she didn’t look up.  Her eyes remained fixated on her phone.


When the bell rang, I needed to head to the girls toilets because the fast walk had caused me to build up a sweat.  Before heading off to sort myself out, I wanted to speak to Emily.  So, I waited for her at the door.


“What happened this morning?  Where were you?”  I asked.


Emily gave me her best evil stare; we had mastered that look together by practicing in the mirror back in seventh grade.  “Just leave me alone Jasmine!”


Jasmine?  She never called me that.  What happened to Jazz and Emz?  She pushed past me and started making her way to class.  What could have changed since yesterday.  She seemed fine when I had given her my daisy chain.


I headed to the girls toilets to freshen up with some cold water and deodorant. 


When I arrived at my mathematics class, Emily was already sitting at another table.  The girl sitting next to her, Donna Jenkins, gave me a sympathetic smile like she knew what was going on.  I hated that.  How could Donna know what was going on with Emily, my best friend, before I did?  I also didn't like the way that Emily kept looking at her mobile but hadn’t acknowledge my missed call or text.  It was clear she was ignoring me!


I sat in my usual seat but a lump was rising in my throat.  I spent the whole lesson in silence, unable to speak in case I cried.  Dreading that the teacher might ask me a question because I wouldn’t be able to answer.


As I was leaving for first break, Maxwell Blake, Emily’s forever crush came up to me. 


“So what’s happened bewtween you and Emily?”


I shrugged.  I hated not knowing.  It felt wrong.  We knew everything about each other.  We were inseparable. This... this made no sense.


“You want sit with me for English.  I’m usually on my own?”


I nodded.  It was nice to have someone speaking to me and maybe I could get him to go out with Emily. Then, maybe she’d forgive me for whatever it is that I’ve done. 


“See you after break.”  He then headed off into the crowd.


As I had nothing to do for break, I waited outside the English room.  I saw Emily approach and hoped she would speak to me but when she saw me she turned around and walked away.


When the bell rang and I could enter the room, I stood nervously by the door unsure if I was to sit in my usual seat or wait for Max and sit next to him.  I really wanted to sit with Emily and have things go back to normal.  I didn't like the way today had started it felt like the world had spun off course and had settled itself upside down.  Luckily Max wasn’t far off and he indicated with his head and a casual “Come on Jazz,”  that I was to sit with him. 


When Emily arrived, I knew instantly I’d made the wrong choice.  There was that look again.  As she walked past my desk her hand swiped across my desk, knocking my pencil case to the floor.  “Oops, how clumsy of me; you better pick that up before someone trips up on that.” 


I knelt down to pick up the pens and pencils that now lay scattered across the floor.  Emily was always clumsy but I knew this hadn't been an accident.


“Aren’t you going to help?”  Max asked angrily.  I flushed red, realizing that all eyes had turned on me.


“No, she doesn’t need my help.”


"Its fine."  I shook my head at Max to make him leave it alone.  I sunk into my seat and wished I could carry on sinking into oblivion.  


As I sat there, I tried to look for meaning in her words.  Had I offended her by not needing her help.  I wracked my brain trying to think of how she could have come to that conclusion or when this could have occurred.  


"Just ignore her Jazz."  Max said.  I prayed he wouldn't do anything embarrassing like put a comforting arm around me.  That would be like signing my death sentence.  


"Honestly, I'm fine."  I gave him a look that I hope he'd translate as 'back off'.  The teacher walked in and everyone settled down ready for our lesson.


I felt my phone vibrate and I checked my pencil case to see what it said.  It was a message from Emily.  I waited until the teacher wasn’t looking to read it.


“Some friend you are!”


I looked at her but she was smiling with Donna and whispering in low voices.  I saw their eyes flash over towards me and they both smirked and shook their heads. They were talking about me.


“What have I done?”  I text in reply.


I saw her turn her phone to Donna and they both read it.  Donna rolled her eyes, clearly in the loop.  I felt so pushed out.


“Stop acting like the victim!”  She text back.


It was too much.  That silly little text just made me mad.  I grabbed my stuff and ran out of class.  I ran to the girl’s room and cried.  I was alone.  The only comfort was in the afternoon I had Science and Emily and I were in different classes.  Usually that was a concept I hated but today it was what would get me through the afternoon. 

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