Daisy Chain

Emily and Jasmine are best friends until one fateful day everything changes. Through events beyond their control, Emily and Jasmine become worst enemies. Emily starts to bully Jasmine and being her former best friend, she knows exactly how to hurt her.

Jasmine feels alone. Her best friend has turned against her. She hates her mum for what she's done. She doesn't like her dad's girlfriend or her spoiled little half brother. The head mistress is Emily's aunt. With no-one to turn to, Jasmine turns on herself and with a heart full of hatred she soon too becomes a bully...

When will the chain break so the bullying can stop!

<This is a work in progress, so I'll post chapters as I go along>


1. Summer Days, Blown Away


Chapter 1 (Emily)


"Friends forever" Jasmine proclaimed as she lifted a chain of daisy's she had made, up and over my head.  It was the perfect end to a beautiful day, chilling in the fields at the grove whilst the hot summer sun beat down on us.


"Thanks Jazz". I grinned.  My lap was covered in daisy's with broken stems.  I wish I could be as careful as Jasmine but I clumsily had pushed too hard with my nail.  "I wish I had something to give you."


"Don't be silly.  I wasn't expecting anything in return." Jasmine grinned.  "We should head back.  I can't be late for mum’s dinner."


Ever since Jasmine's dad left, her mum had made it a rule that every Sunday she had to be home for lunch.  We got on our bikes cycled back to our respective homes.




I got in and the first thing I heard was a smashing plate.  The sound was deafening as if the whole world knew something wasn't right and was waiting for the outcome.


Then I heard my mum.  "What are you waiting for? Get out! Go!"


I could hear a muffled murmur, too quiet and gentle to make out the words. "Get off me!  Don't touch me.  You make me sick." Then my mum flew out the kitchen and into the hallway.  


She looked horrified to see me there, to know I'd witness whatever had been unraveling behind the kitchen door.  Her face flushed red and she raced past me up the stairs.  Her bedroom door slammed shut and then the house filled with the sad howling of her tears.


My dad then entered the hall. He saw my pale faced with a dumb struck expression.  He came over and hugged me.  As he hugged, he kissed the crown of my head.  "Don't worry sweet pea.  Mummy and daddy just had a fight.  Daddy still loves mummy.  That's what matters.  We'll work this out."


"What happened?" I asked.


"Mummy is upset with daddy, so you are going to help me cook her favourite meal to cheer her up." Dad gave me a squeeze.  "Do you want to cheer her up?"


I nodded.  Then dad and I headed into the kitchen to make spaghetti bolognaise together.




The tray looked like mother’s day.  Dad had clipped a red rose from the garden and placed it in the narrow vase for mum.  It balanced precariously at the edge of the tray laden with dinner, a glass of red wine and a bowl of grated parmesan cheese to sprinkle over as she wished.


I moved slowly up the stairs like a trapeze artist walking the rope. Once I reached my mum’s room it took all my dexterity to balance the tray in one hand and push the door open.


As I entered the room, mum looked far, far away from her usual mother’s day joy.  Today her face was red and puffy and she didn't look pleased to see me.  She looked pained.


I put the tray down on her dressing table.  "What's wrong mum."


"Oh Emily..." My mum gasped.  Her eyes welled up and she bit her lip in a fight to stop her tears. I climbed onto her bed where she lay curled up under her duvet, looking sorry and sick.  I hugged her.  It wasn’t like my mum to cry, she was usually such as strong woman and her hug felt weak, devoid of strength.  She was like a stranger.  Her fragile touch made her seem more vulnerable and unknown to me.  Gently she pulled away and sat up.  "You shouldn't see me like this."


"It's okay mum." I reassure her.  "It's okay to cry.  We all get sad sometimes."


Mum tucked my dark hair behind my ear.  "I must have done something right to deserve you."


I smiled. "Is there anything I can do to help?"


Mum looked away sad.  "I could never ask it of you."


"It's fine mum.  I'll do anything."


"It's for you really...”


"What is it?"


"Don't be friends with Jasmine Reid anymore."




"Please Emily... Whatever you can do to push her away, to keep yourself safe, you must.  If you do this, I'll speak to your father.  I'll try and make things better."


"I can't!  She's my best friend!"


"Okay." Mum looked away and started to cry.  "Sorry, that was wrong of me.  I never should have asked.  I guess your dad and I will just get divorced."


"What?  No mum!  You can't!  It cannot be that bad.  Surely?"


"I don't want to be with him and work things out if you’re still friends with her...". Mum spoke glumly but I knew she'd made her mind up.  I either had a best friend or a dad. I sat frozen in the ice coldness of such a difficult choice I was being forced to make.  


Numbly I got off her bed and walked stiffly towards the door.  "I'll do it mum.  I'll do it for you and dad."




Back in my room, I removed the daisy chain and looped it over the bedside lamp.  The beautiful morning of lady birds and sunbathing seemed far away.  Tomorrow I would push Jasmine away.  I could feel our friendship dying already like the pale white daisy petals tuning brown and shriveling up.  Soon our friendship would be dead.  I wrapped my arms around myself the summer breeze coming in the window no longer gave me any kind of satisfaction. 

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