Farewell Normalcy

Yep, thats right, everyone's gone. Well...except for 6 boys and 6 girls. What would you do if the whole world just disappeared?


2. The Grey Lady and The Monitor

I looked at the 12 children shown on the monitor. The monitor was terrible quality and really grainy, but it was the best that could be set up at such short notice. I peered closer, squinting and the detail became much better. 

The twelve kids stood in three very obvious groupings that seemed to be based on age; there were teens, pre teens and kids. There were 4 teens; the one they called Anna with deep red hair that shone in the sun, a pixie shaped face and almond shaped eyes the colour of maple trees, the boy standing next to her called James, a tall girl named Emily and a boy near to her named Andrew. 

The pre-teens were made up of another four; there was Annie, a girl with short dirty blonde hair and striking blue eyes, her 'partner' Michael, a muscly boy with blonde hair and hazel eyes, Selina, a girl with cocoa-brown hair and mesmerising brown eyes was standing next to a lean boy named William with the same coloured hair but eyes the colour of the sea.

The kids were much smaller than the rest of them, as though being in primary school had a strict height limit. Claudine had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkled whenever she smiled. She wasn't doing much of that now. Her partner was the boy with black hair. He had grey eyes and I heard the others call him Alex. He looked like a raven, but with the eyes of a hawk, raking their surroundings. The other boy, Max, was different from the rest of the boys, he was half asian. He had shiny black hair that masked his face and bright blue eyes that seemed to pierce through your soul. His partner was Katherine, she was also asian and had sleek black hair that went just past her shoulders matched with brown eyes so dark you could barely see the pupils. 

I kept watching, so worried. Not just for what the Grey Woman would say, whether I would lose my job, whether I would be killed for a mistake like this, but for the children. The poor kids. I can't believe we left them there. Alone.

I'd gathered everyone around the monitor to show them what I had just discovered. The grey lady looked over my shoulder with steely eyes as if saying that it was me, a lowly computer technician working for the World Government, that had left the children there instead of her, the President of the New World. 

"How did this happen?" the Grey Lady asked.

Everyone looked at each other encouraging them to speak instead. Her eyes then focused in me. I realized that I had to talk and so I swallowed the lump in my throat and swallowed. 

"Umm... It seems that when we made the shift between the two planets we may have not had the correct capacity set for the amount of people we were bringing. After all, there were children all over the world being born that we didn't know about," I muttered. What I was really thinking was that we shouldn't have kept the shift a secret from the public. I knew that Earth had run out of resources and the New World had everything we needed, but did we really need to keep the planet shift a secret? We could have just told the public and asked them to walk through the transporter themselves. 

Her eyes narrowed and lips pursed. She turned around on her dull grey heels and walked briskly out of the room.

My heart pumped loudly as if to remind me that I'm lucky it still does.

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