Farewell Normalcy

Yep, thats right, everyone's gone. Well...except for 6 boys and 6 girls. What would you do if the whole world just disappeared?


5. Pancakes

As the morning light started to peep through the blinds, my eyes opened to a fuzzy world. I blinked a couple times and everything cleared. I was staring at the white wall of Emily's parents room, lying on the bed while James lay on an air mattress below me. I tried to turn my head to see his face but as soon as I moved James whispered, "Anna?"


His head popped up and I looked over the bed. He smiled and pointed to the door. The clock said seven am; time to make breakfast. At that exact moment, the door slid open slowly and the timid voice of Claudine said "Anna, can we have breakfast now cos I'm hungry."

"Why don't you go back to bed for half an hour while we make breakfast and we'll call you when we're done?" I suggested.

She nodded her head and trudged back to bed. I slipped on a soft robe Emily had lent me and climbed down from the tall bed. James and I walked down the hall to the stairs and just as we were about to hit the first step James asked me a question I keep coming back to; “Do you think we’ll be okay?” I didn’t know. Will we be okay? He kept looking forward as we climbed the stairs and looked completely calm but my heart was beating out of my chest, like a lion trying to escape its cage. 

 I started to whip up some pancake batter in the kitchen while he cut up the fruit but my eyes kept drifting to him. I started cooking the pancakes while he set up the table and called the others for breakfast.

"Morning Anna!" Michael said cheerfully. 

“Morning Michael. Did you sleep well?” I got a shrug in return but was happy enough, none of us had exactly slept well. I looked up and realised I'd used up all the batter. The plate of pancakes was hot and so I used a tea towel to bring it to the table. With everyone sat down together I decided to tell them about the plans for today. 

"Okay, number one on our list today is clothes, no one has any and it's not fair to Emily to have to keep giving all her clothes to us so as soon as everyone's ready we'll go."

They all nodded and ate slightly faster. To the girls, the prospect of free clothes was especially inviting. I have to admit, I couldn't wait to wear my own clothes again; Emily was way taller than me and so I kept almost tripping up on her trousers. In the back of my mind, I knew we should all be more worried, but honestly, I was a little excited. My parents were strict and this was the most freedom I had ever had. I secretly didn't want it to end.

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