Farewell Normalcy

Yep, thats right, everyone's gone. Well...except for 6 boys and 6 girls. What would you do if the whole world just disappeared?


3. Forever Alone

I walked down the stairs, onto the dock. I had to, just to be sure I wan't dreaming, that this wasn't just one of my horrific nightmares. 

It wasn't. It was real. 

My bare feet slapped the wooden dock as I walked up and down calling out hello.

"W...wwwwhere is everyone?" Katherine asked in a cracking voice.

I had no answer. Who did? The silence washed over us all, and it was horrible. The silence was finally interrupted by someone I already knew, Claudine. She looked around, swallowed hard and turned to face the rest of us. 

"It's not a dream is it?" she asked, if not just because she had to hear the answer, to prove to herself she wasn't crazy. 

James shook his head, his chocolate brown hair waving as he did, and even though I had already known the answer, my heart sunk just a little. Andrew's face fell, as did Emily's and at that moment, all I could think of was how great of a couple they would make. I know, completely rubbish timing. I felt stupid just for thinking it but i couldn't help it. Actually, looking around, all the kids would look great with their partners... There was something so wrong about all of this. Something that I felt like I knew, but couldn't quite grasp for long enough to analyse just what it was. I just couldn't shake the fact that something else was wrong here. That something had not only just left twelve of us, but had paired us all with people who seemed to be what we imagined as our perfect matches. I had missed something that I needed to add to my weird list.

I stood there, not quite sure what to say next, hoping, praying that someone else would say something. They didn't.

"Ok, we can't just sit here, we have to do something." Everyone seemed to agree with me so I carried on. It suddenly occurred to me that the sun was going down and a pinkish glow was surrounding it. 

"We should go back inside, organise beds and dinner."

"So are we all sleeping in my boat?" Emily asked, "Because if we are, I'm going to need to make up some more beds and have to give everyone some clothes."

I looked around and realised how calm everyone was. No one had cried. No one had screamed. We were all just taking it in our stride.

"I don't know how long they'll be gone. It could be forever." I dropped the bomb and watched. Everyones faces stayed exactly the same.

"I don't think they're coming back," said Selina. Neither did I. The others started to drift back inside and I realised how surreal this whole thing was.

I did notice, however, that as we walked in, a tear streaked down most of their faces.


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