Farewell Normalcy

Yep, thats right, everyone's gone. Well...except for 6 boys and 6 girls. What would you do if the whole world just disappeared?


1. Disappearances and Confusion

One split second and the world had forever changed. 


Everyone was gone. Everyone except for us; just 6 boys and 6 girls. My mind buzzed, raced into overdrive but no logical explanation sprung to mind. No explanation at all, in fact. The familiar hum of silence was all I could hear and my stomach was slowly coiling tighter and tighter until I was just about ready to burst.

We stood in a hexagon, each girl standing with a boy approximately the same age, looking just as bewildered as each other. I turned my head to study who exactly was next to me. His hair was a deep brown and it complimented his tan skin. He looked like an athlete with a strong build and rough hands. I knew it was a bad time but I couldn’t help thinking that he was quite good-looking.

"Excuse me," I squeaked, kicking myself for not having more control over my own vocal cords, "do you happen to have any idea what just happened?"

His face remained in a startled expression, looking around puzzled.

"Hello?" I said while I waved my hand in front of his face. 

He suddenly snapped to attention, his body stiffening and his eyes focusing on me. Suddenly, his eyes were all I could see. They were like pools of emeralds that shone in the evening light. I was drawn to them and could see nothing else.

"Huh?" he mumbled, embarrassed at his previous staring. I snapped out of it and asked a better question.

"Who are you...and...who are they and...what just happened!?" I asked. Much better Anna, much better.

"Oh, I'm James, James Green. I just... do you know the girls here, because I know every single one of the boys. They’re all my friends."

"I'm Anna, and yeah, the girls are all my friends. Do you happen to have any idea what just happened" I asked, my heart racing, close to bursting out of my chest. My mind hadn’t stopped racing and now my head was pounding as well. 

I looked around the room which we had been transported to. The room was white, with wooden floors and small windows. The room seemed to be swaying ever so slightly and so I started to walk over to the nearest window. As I looked outside my breath caught in my throat; we were on a boat. I of all people should have know it was a boat, the shiny white walls, the thin wooden planking, the small rectangular windows. It was a houseboat, and not just any houseboat but the largest in my marina. That's right, my marina. I lived just across from this boat, I had been inside this boat, this was Emily's boat. As soon as I realised it I turned to Emily, she looked directly back at me, passing on to me the message that she too had no idea why we were there. 

Emily had been my best friend since I had moved to New York in year seven. She was tall for a fourteen year old with straight, almost blonde hair falling down her back. Her grey eyes shone with fear. I had always been a little jealous of her; I had curly brown hair that fell in coarse ringlets over my shoulders, shone red in the sun, and wished that mine were as easy to manage as hers. Emily's partner standing next to her was also tall, with chocolate brown eyes and dusty brown hair. Andrew, which was his name, had been talking to Emily, trying to figure out what was going on. 

"Um...does anyone know anything at all?" Andrew asked the whole room.

Everyone stared at each other, confused and a little shy. James must have realised that if we didn't move now, we would just stand there all day and started to take charge.

"Hey everyone, listen up. None of us know why we're here, but just standing here isn't going to help. We have to get outside and check if anything's wrong out there."

No reply.


There were a few murmurs and so he took that as agreement. I started walking out the door with James and the others began to follow cautiously. So many thoughts were popping into my head and I couldn’t stop any of them. Halfway up the stairs James caught up and walked beside me. At that moment I was aware of the narrowness of the staircase and more aware of his presence next to me. The heater blew towards us, blowing his scent over towards me. He smelled like pine trees, spring, dew, he smelt so good. It was strange, I had known him for ten minutes, but it felt like a lifetime. I mentally added that to the list of strange things that had happened today.

Everyone I know and love disappearing in the blink of an eye

Thinking I have a crush on someone after knowing them for about 2 minutes after a disaster


"So what are we doing?"James said, snapping me out of my daydream.

"Uhhhh..."I stammered suddenly at a loss for words, "We're going to...look outside I suppose, just to, you know, check if anyones there.”

I turned to face the door, breathed deeply and set my bare foot outside. As soon as I did, I was aware something was wrong. It was the same, but somehow different. The waves still crashed against the rocks, the wind still blew, the fish still swam below us, but no humans walked along the docks. No sounds of laughter could be heard. No smell of food wafted out of the neighbours doors. 

No humans apart from us walked the earth. 

I just knew it. The feeling in my stomach told me I was right. There was no explanation for it, I just knew. I knew that there could not possibly be another person on this earth. We were all alone in a huge world, a world too big for twelve kids. 

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