Farewell Normalcy

Yep, thats right, everyone's gone. Well...except for 6 boys and 6 girls. What would you do if the whole world just disappeared?


4. Decisions with Dinner

"Hey, can you pass me the saucepan full of beans?"

As James, who had decided to sit next to me, passed Emily the baked beans, I looked over the table. I felt quite proud of myself, I mean sure, beans on toast is not the most impressive meal but I thought we had handled the insane news we had just taken on quite well. After completely having a meltdown about the fact that there was not a single other human on the planet, Emily had set up the beds downstairs while James, Andrew and I 'cooked dinner'.

"I'm done, can we go decide where we're sleeping now?" Claudine said in her sweet voice. Her face was tear streaked and a little red from her earlier crying, but I was glad to see her looking better.

I gazed around to check everyone was done and nodded my head. Why they all had to ask me I don't know, it seemed that I had taken on the role of mother in this strange family. Everyone apart from myself, James, Emily and Andrew ran downstairs like maniacs as if getting there first would get them a better bed. It was strange how just hours after the most horrific news imaginable had been delivered to us, we carried on living with a sense of normalcy. 

Emily's house boat was the tallest and largest in the marina, with 4 bedrooms; her parents room which had a double bed in it, a guest room which had 3 single beds in it, Emily's room which had 3 beds in it and her brother's room which had a double bunk bed. You might be wondering why each room had so many beds in them, when I met her first I did too. When I'd asked her she'd explained that it's because they have a lot of guests, I mean a lot. She had relatives from all over the place and they all seemed to love staying at her house. I don't blame them, it sure was fancy. 

Once downstairs, it seemed that Claudine, Katherine and Annie had already decided they wanted to sleep in the guest room together and so they ran off to their new room, yelling who would get what bed. As they went away chattering and pushing each other, Max, Alex and William chose Emily's room and so they too ran off. That left 6 of us standing in the hallway deciding where to sleep. 

No one wanted to sleep in Emily's parents' room because only two people could go in there and everyone was afraid of sleeping alone. "Come on guys, two people isn't that bad," I said, trying to convince someone.

They didn't buy it. Eventually it was decided that Michael, Andrew, Selina and Emily would sleep in Emily's brother's room together leaving me and James to stay in Emily's parent's... 

Well this will be awkward.

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