Farewell Normalcy

Yep, thats right, everyone's gone. Well...except for 6 boys and 6 girls. What would you do if the whole world just disappeared?


6. Cars and Clothes

Walking down the docks to the clubhouse, all that I could think of was just how insane this whole thing was. There were twelve of us, walking down the docks like a rag-tag bunch of ruffians. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a huge pyjama shirt that Emily had. Over the top was a raincoat to try to stop the cold biting into my very soul. James, somehow, looked just as good as ever. Emily's dad's clothes almost fit him and the khaki jacket complimented his skin. I couldn't stop blushing when I looked at him, thinking of the fact that we'd slept in the same room last night. 

The marina clubhouse looked exactly as it had last night when everything had changed. The only difference was that a door had been left open and so papers from the reception desk had flown about the room. We jogged outside, trying to keep our blood flowing in the cold, trying to find cars so we could get supplies. Cars were everywhere on the road and so we were forced to take a motorbike and small cars that were parked in one of the car parks nearby. James and I, as the oldest, were voted to take the motorbikes as all the others were too scared.

He sat at the front of the bike holding a spare helmet for me and motioned for me to get on. I hesitantly approached, more than a little afraid of getting on. 

"It's ok, I've driven motorbikes before. My dad had one in Cyprus and I used to drive it all the time," he told me in an attempt to calm me down.

I sat on the very edge of the bike before he gestured for me to move up. 

"Ok, now wrap your arms around me and we can get going."

I put my arms around him and all I could feel was my cheeks burning red in an inferno. Luckily he couldn't see and started up the bike. At the first rumble, I pulled him a little closer and by the second I was practically merged with him. I could feel him muscles tightening as we pulled away from the curb. 



 From the marina club we got into 6 different cars because everyone wanted to drive. I got into a car with James as everyone had already picked cars and sped off. I let him drive there because I figured that I didn’t really want to be responsible for us dying just yet. The drive there was hilarious; the whole way we were joking until near the end James rested his arm behind me. My heart stopped and I think I forgot to breathe. When I was frozen, James turned his head towards me, saw my fear and mistook it for discomfort. His arm started to slowly slide away but at the last minute I put my hand on it and said timidly, “It’s okay... I kind of liked it.”

He gave me a lopsided smile and put it back, this time a little more relaxed. I didn’t want it to end. 

We arrived at H&M and all grabbed a basket. It was completely empty and just a tad spooky before Emily found the control panel and switched on the lights. I grabbed about a billion clothes and felt as though I was in heaven. I'd got all my stuff in about ten minutes as I knew the shop well but I went downstairs to find the others and saw James wandering around aimlessly, trying to find a shirt. I helped him find some things but he didn't even know what size he was and so he had to go try some things on. I went to go see how he was doing and he'd just finished up. I was about to say let's go and pay when I realised that we didn't have to. Wow. That was one great feeling. 

All the other kids were outside showing off their new clothes and so we jumped back in the cars. Instead of waiting for half the journey to go by, this time as soon as everyone was out of sight he rested his arm behind me. When the journey ended I was actually sad because I knew I'd have to pretend I wasn't mad about him for another 5 hours. It's harder than it sounds, trust me.

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