Track Destinations

From the first look they'll never forget


1. The first look


United States of America, New York, Manhattan.

The day was cold, it was early winter, one of the buildings in this beautiful city I was, enjoying the people passing by. So sorry, I did not introduced myself! My head, my name is Selena, I'm not a singer, I wish it was, but no. I'm just an ordinary girl, dreamy and looking for her prince charming. We are in this city to study the college, say, we are because I'm not alone, I'm with my best friend, her name is Shania, in both dream of becoming famous fashion designers, so we came here. The apartment is simple but very comfortable, and we made our way. Oh and talking about her she just entered.

_ Speaking alone  Selly?

_ Me? Imagine ... was here with my thoughts! Then bought?

Approaching Shania excited, come to my direction, it was cold outside face behind chocolate. You must be confused! I explain, is a mania that we have to eat chocolate while watching DVD - Smiling - Shania jumping the couch joining me, the DVD was already in the reader. It was a romantic movie, a romantic comedy, he spoke of a young woman who falls for a very handsome man, but that hurts, and she flees to another city and there she meets another cat, but this by the way is a womanizer, and I confess I'm dying to know who she is. The film is titled Tracings destinations. Oh and then the night we have a meeting with the college crowd, one of the coolest bars in town, I was here for me dreaming, but Shania says it is important we meet new people. Then we'll excuse me because now I see my film.

Manhattan federal court

Klark Manfredy was advocating a more complex case. The trial was progressing well in his favor, he was safe and confident as ever. Jurors were gathered together and were only awaiting the judge's ruling. But it appeared that more Klark had won this case. It's about medical malpractice.

_ Stay calm Dr. Freddy, with the arguments and the testimony of Sarah the nurse, the judge will consider yourself innocent - said he confident, trusting in the good performance given in court.


_ I trust you, Klark - Holding in your hand

This made the jury returned with the verdict, which is soon delivered to the judge. He begins reading the sentence.

_ By the laws, and evaluated all the facts here, this court finds the defendant not guilty.


Leading to redness around the court, applause and hugs are distributed. Everyone congratulating the effectiveness and efficiency of Klark who always stood from beginning to end. And Dr. Freddy hugs him, happy and relieved.

_ Thank you - with tears in my eyes - thank you, I do not know how to thank ...


_ Nothing, I did not do more than my duty, after all is Mr. Innocent


Again he embraces his hero savior. And it comes out to meet George, his best friend, since the output of the room.

_ Congratulations, you won one more case ...


_ Thank you - smiling - but nothing more than my duty ...


_ Oh man! Modesty at this stage of the game! This deserves a celebration


_ I do not know ...


_ None of that, this time you will not escape me, I'll get home at 9! And the night will be our day ... we go to the Sunshine Club ... we will have great fun.


_ My God, I deserve it!


_ This time you will not escape me Klark Manfredy ...


 The output of the court photographers, and journalists has been honored more in the career of a victory Klark Manfredy.

At night, the girls are getting ready to rock the night, as always Shania was an exaggeration, a strong and bright makeup and a dress so short strapless, black and black boots. By placing a blanket over the ounce, because of the cold. Selena opted for something simpler, a dress to the knee, dark blue, high-heeled sandals, loose hair, and a very light makeup.

Arriving at the Club, Shania is already showing, parading, to see if you noticed, but the guys only pay attention to elegance and simplicity of Selena, Shania thing that killed inside. So she asks that they go to the bar.

At this moment also entering Klark and George, both highly elegant and Shania sitting at the bar in a privileged entry.

_ Friend! For all! I froze!


_ What is it? - I asked without notice


_ Look at the entrance!


I do not give a lot of flag, eye slightly, but not wanting my gaze meets that of Klark, and I feel my body shiver, with those blue eyes and seductive.

Why is that?


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