Highlighted Authors

There are so many authors on Movellas who deserve more reconition. Highlighted Authors is the best place to find all that information! Elizabeth Hale, Lia-Loves-Cookies, and Cecilia Swan will review some Movella favorites, as well as some underdogs. :D If you know an author on Movellas you want to be shown here, just leave it in the comments!


38. WriterMan

(I am going to do 2 today as I missed last week)

A recent  member who used to be Olliegeorge is a poet to remember. How he does his poetry is amazing. At fifteen he is very advanced for his age! 

One of my favourite pieces of his is "My Big Toe" which was a requested piece as he does many requested poetry pieces. He is still looking for someone to give a poetry request which he can't do! His challenges seem to get easier for him so please try and give him one he can't do!

He already (starting the 20th of August) has over 50 fans which is well more than I had when I had been on that long! But I decided to highlight him because his poetic techniques is something I have never seen before. It is VERY amazing. And I love it.

Read his work now!


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