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27. One Direction Addiction

Today, I’m trying something new. Currently, a One Direction Fan Fiction contest is underway, and why not, in the spirit of “friendly” competition, show a couple of 1D greatness! (Note: If your fan fic is mentioned, you still may have the opportunity to be highlighted in whole.) There are still a lot others that  I didn’t get to see yet. Be sure to take a look at these, plus the others that have been entered : )


                Every Piece of Your Heart: One Direction A fan fiction written by Sofie PH. The first chapter is a quote from the 1D song Stand Up, which include the title of the fan-fic ‘Every Piece of your Heart’. For the next five chapters, Sofie creates little events, written in second person, so that you can “experience” the event as if you were actually there. The stories are not connected, but are fun if you dream about meeting 1D. They range from giving Harry CPR at the pool, from greeting Louis at the airport after coming home from his tour.


                Pen Pal. Is another fan-fiction written by Christie<3. The story is about a girl named Ashley (or Ash for short) who moves to London to live with her recently divorced father. For a while she had been writing to another guy who also lives in London. But when she finally meets him, she is surprised to find that he is Niall Horan. There is even a little bit of Harry Styles love too.


                The Girl in the Picture  is a fan-fic by UpPaulNight, centering around a model by the name of Georgia Kane, who works along side Eleanor Calder, who is Louis’ girlfriend for those new to your Directioner Life Style. Niall and Harry fall for her. Could this possibly tear the boys apart?


                *excuse me for my shameless self promotion* Match by Elizabeth Hale.  How do celebrities fall in love? How do they get around all the fans and find that one special person that knows them for them? They use the Match Program, a program invented at the dawn at the television era. How do you think Eleanor and Louis met? Louis saw the benefits to Match, and now Harry and Niall are about to take a chance to find that one special someone…


                Hatred is unlike any other fan-fic I have read so far. Written by mclovin, this isn’t about a girl meeting that one special  someone from 1D, but about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Louis begins to attend British Boarding School in Chesire and meets Harry, who is the son of the school’s director. Louis instantly becomes Harry’s new target of abuse. It isn’t your everyday fan fic, but you will probably never look at the boys the same way again



                Thought I would mix things up today. : ) What did you think? Should we do one for every contest? Leave your thoughts below. I will still post a highlighted author today.


                _Elizabeth Hale


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