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There are so many authors on Movellas who deserve more reconition. Highlighted Authors is the best place to find all that information! Elizabeth Hale, Lia-Loves-Cookies, and Cecilia Swan will review some Movella favorites, as well as some underdogs. :D If you know an author on Movellas you want to be shown here, just leave it in the comments!


4. Jodemeister... (Dropdeadjodieexx)

  Today I would like to introduce Jodemeister... to you. Jodemeister, formerly known as dropdeadjodieexx, was a Movellas member since January 26, 2012. Although she has not been a member for a very long time, she has quite a number of published movellas--and they are successful ones.

  The story I recommend is "A Fashion Freakout". This was an entry for the fashion competition. It's a short story about two girls who absolutely hate each other setting their eyes on one pair of discounted shoes. It is not only humorous, as the category implies, but is also quite real, showing a bit of the life of "enemies" in real life.

  Another famous movella by Jodemeister...is "Bloodlust". It was inspired by a picture, as it was an entry for the picture prompt competition. Bloodlust is quite mysterious and dark from the beginning. Jodemeister...shows that she can not only write happy stories but also dark ones.

  Jodemeister...is an author who writes in a large variety of genres; if you would like to read stories with different moods, try out Jodemeister's ones! (:

  -Hypnotized by "A Fashion Freakout", Cecilia Swan <3

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